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Starting a Dallas Fort Worth Scripture Study Group

Starting a Dallas Fort Worth Scripture Study Group I have had three different people ask me in the last month if I currently lead a Bible…

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

BREXIT and Herbert W. Armstrong

What would Herbert W. Armstrong have thought about Britain's vote to exit the European Union?

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

So the Polygamists have a Nickname for Me....

So today I learned that the Polygamist community is so displeased with my scholarly articles against polygamy that they have a nickname for…

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

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Prooving John 8?

Despite the authenticity controversy concerning verses 1-11, I would like to examine it in detail to grasp a better understanding of how to…

Started by Mikha El

2 Oct 14
Reply by James Trimm


I have two questions. #1) Do we have a Siddur that we can use for the daily and Sabbath prayers that we can trust? If so, where can I get i…

Started by Tracy Lee Painter

2 Aug 3
Reply by Tracy Lee Painter

Orgin of the "Karites"?

2nd Kings mentions the "Carites". Is it possible modern Karites originated earlier than we think? 

Started by Mikha El

1 Jul 29
Reply by Jacob Rigal


Please how do I get a hard copy of the HRV?

Started by Avraham Akuamoah

1 Jun 30
Reply by Mikha El

godhead, three gods, two gods???

all this talk about godhead and three or two gods and whatnot !!   Get your heads out of the churches for they are germanic/romanic/slavic…

Started by Yishmael

147 Jun 2
Reply by Tracy Lee Painter

Is (or is not) having sex on the Sabbath a sin?

I myself am (strongly) of the opinion that it is not a sin to have sex on the Sabbath; however, there are several individuals here who are…

Started by Aish Tamid

537 Jun 2
Reply by Tracy Lee Painter

Syriac version of Ignatius' letters

Has anyone read the Syriac versions of his letters? Only three of them survive, those to the Romans, the Ephesians, and to Polycarp. Among…

Started by Aish Tamid

21 May 28
Reply by Darrell K. Whitfield

Yes or No wheres Eliyahu

 In 2Kings says 2:11 { Suddenly as they were walking on and talking , there appeared a firey chariot with horses of fire, and as it seperat…

Started by Rick

8 May 18
Reply by Rick

Vowel-Pointed Name Theories: How and Where are they Verified?

Brother James, All, 2 Questions 1) I am constantly told that the beloved Jews applied diversionary vowel points to the Tetragram, in orde…

Started by Michael A. Banak

6 Mar 30
Reply by Michael A. Banak

Rood's at it Again?

In all fairness, he backs off his assertions sorta midway through the video. Perhaps he has learned attempting to predict/prophesy return d…

Started by Mikha El

0 Mar 17













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