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Scripture I know to be Holy Spirit inspired writings. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago what I considered scripture, I would have quickly said, The Tanak and the Brit Chadashah only! Now, only a few short weeks later however, I must say I'm not so sure! I have been having a marvelous time reading all these posts here on Nazarene Space and I have been given so much new revelation it's amazing. I have also realized that I am guilty of putting Yahweh into a christian shaped box! I've known about the book of Jasher and Enoch for some time, but I just found out very interesting info. on the Apocraphia in a post here and was quite surprized to find out that the Catholic bible has legitimate writings not included in any bible I've ever read! Could this be Scripture? I mean I just always believed what tradition has taught, that is that old King James hand picked the true inspired canon that we read today. But how do I really know that? Says who. To come to think of it, it's not written anywhere, it's just accepted like that! So now I find myself on a journey that will consist of prayer and visious hours of research and study to find out, how small this box is that I have apparently been keeping the Almighty in! I mean truth beyond King James was unheard of for me just 2 short years ago, but here I go, on my way to hopefully shedding off another layer of christian junk that was so quickly fastened on to me not long after my Messiah revealed to me my need for Him! If anyone can throw some nuggets my way I'll be thankful, but either way, I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on what I am learning and what the Lord reveals to me, also probably bring some questions to the table! So maybe this is all for naught, maybe this takes me nowhere, but somethings telling me that there is much to find and that there is more to Yahweh than what I've known!

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Please read the whole post i'm about to make so you understand it in context and don't just to conclusions of me rejectin Torah, because I fully affirm Torah as unbreakable foundation.  Torah is every much a perfect work as every other book of Scripture.  Jesse, if it was a "perfect work" in the way you are implying, then you wouldn't need to write commentaries on it.  the fact that people feel the need to write a commentary on it is proof that the Torah is not perfect in the sense that you take it.  yes, the Torah is authoritative, there is no fault in it.  But the Torah of Moses is NOT the Torah of Yahuwah.  Rather, the Torah of Moses is PART of the Torah of Yahuwah.

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