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Lately I've been seeing a few "Amish" people around in my travels. Please tell of your experiences with anyone you might have come across that considered themselves Amish. How well do they receive any of the most basic tenets of this Nazarene faith being they have taken their oath of "humility"?  I have a strong desire to reach out to a few....

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The Amish are great. When a global equivalent of a disaster like Sandy knocks out the power, they, along with other peoples who have been looked down upon, such as the African tribal communities, will have the upper hand.

Better prepared physically than most, agreed. My wondering concerns their ability to hear things spiritual that they most likely have never heard.

On whim, I did a website search thinking surely they are not on the internet yet....WRONG! Some are right here...

each one of us here can live as an amish to our own.

The Amish are a very closed and "clannish" group. They generally keep to themselves and have limited contact with "English." (We are 'English' to them regardless of our ethnic origin). Recently a number of young people have left their Amish faith to become "English," in hopes of living a more "normal" life. These young people are completely disowned by their families. Trouble is, they become like kids in a candy store that have never had candy in their life. Many go completely wild with drugs and alcohol. Some, however, are searching with out knowing what they are searching for. These are the ones you may be able to reach. Pray about it! There is a gentleman named Mose Gingrich, an ex-Amish man now living in Columbia, Missouri. Mr. Gingrich helps dozens (if not hundred) of Amish young people adjust to the culture shock of the "English" world. He is writing a book about his life experiences. He also has a website, look it up.

PS: There are also "Beechy" Amish, named for their founder, a Mr. Beech. The Beechy Amish use electricity and drive automobiles. They are somewhat more open to contact with the English.


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