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Thank you for bringing my attention to the Bible Correspondence Course.
Could you please clarify the significance of the Course? How many
lessons/tests will be included in the Course totally? Will the student
be awarded a stamped/sealed certificate upon completion the Course?
Thanks a lot. Yours in Yeshua, Ilgar

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This course is totally amazing. There is so much more "going to waste" due to parroting the pastor and/or teachers. This is what I have been looking for. As a true seeker of the truth, I know I was led here. For a fairly new 'Christian' I do think this starts out too heavy. I was wondering if it would be possible to put together something primary that steadily builds towards "high school" of the late 1700s. Something that would draw a beginner and after a few lessons continue a steady slope upwards. I am going to check out the new study and possibly the wake up lessons.
Basically I see a need something that will smarten up those that have been dumbed down.













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