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So, as none of the materials Lev 23 prescribes are readily available to me, would it be prudent to live in a tent in my back yard for the week of Sukkot? Would that be the modern day equivalent of dwelling in a tabernacle?

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Passover week is not entirely parallel to Sukkot week.
During Sukkot final holiday is on the 8th day since the beginning of the "week", whereas for Pesach the final holiday is on the 7 since the beginning.
Pesach, in this instance, refers to the 7 millennia, I believe, whereas the 8th Day of Sukkot (Shemini Atzeret) refers to the eternal period after the 7th millennium.
Incidentally, the tent idea is a good one.
Maybe a person might even put up a tent on their balcony, if they don't have a yard.

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