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I think it is interesting to note that during the Middle Ages the Catholic Church banned the use of Bishops in chess. The reason: The use of Bishops implied that the church was deeply involved in and controlled politics! NAW! :)

Perhaps in November I would like to play two games with someone, one playing white and one playing black.

Also, has anyone heard of "Transcendental Chess?" In the version all the rear rank pieces are in a seemingly illogical order. Example: A king might be where arook might normally be placed. nex to the King you would habe a bishop. A knight might be placed where a queen would normally sit, and so on. The placement of pieces in every game is different.

There are two rules

1. Bishops must be on opposite colors.

2. In lieu of castleing, a play may opt to exchange the placement of any two pieces before making the first move.

Other wise, the game is played "normally."

Sure blows opening theory, eh?   

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