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A false teacher may take various forms, but is basically someone who warps orthodox Biblical teaching to the point where the truth is subdued by the lies. I came across this little examination at a website today and found it informative. A “Yes” answer to any of the questions indicates a false teacher, cult or cultic methodology, techniques or influences according to the website.


1. Do you feel that contempory prophecies, revelations, secret or lost books, visions and/or other experiences by individuals or groups speak to humankind with the same authority as the written Bible?


2. Do you feel that organizational membership, association with certain self proclimed prophets, etc., your good deeds, marital status, high personal moral values, karma are a necessary part of your salvation?


3. Do you believe that Yeshua is not really fully Elohim?


4.Do you see yourself or organization as the only one teaching and preaching the true good news of the kingdom of YHWH, and that all believers in other assemblies are a false religion?


5. Do you mix Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, or any other non-Biblical religion with the Nazarene Emunah?


*Please feel free to add to these questions!



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That has been the patented lie of Mormons, Moonies and other assorted madmen trying to deceive.

Ya'akov ben Shalom said:
For some this may be. However, what of those who believe these lies and have no monetary motivation?

vested interest

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