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How do you respond when someone says "Merry Christmas"?

Question for discussion:
How do you respond when someone says "Merry Christmas"?

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I say "Christos Genate!" (Christ is Born). If it also happens to be Chanukoh, I'll wish them a Happy Chanukoh, Chanukoh Someyach, or Freyylikhen Khanike as well. 

Happy Chanukkah and then proceed to explain the reason for the reply ...very cautiously!

"Y'know, I believe in Messiah and I celebrate His birth. I just don't celebrate His birth on the Roman holiday dedicated to the rebirth of the sun god Mithras.", then I add "You're not real big on church history, are you?"

Well its that time of year again.

I simply say "thank you" and wish them a happy new year. I don't mention Channukah because they

aren't Jewish, so it would be senseless to do so.

"Merry Christmas" translated = Happy "Christ" sacrifice! (Yearly)

Not sure I could ever say "thank you" to that. I would much rather "plant seeds" and let the Eternal do the watering.

How do you respond when someone says "Merry Christmas"?

happy holiday too.

Saying thank you is being polite.Nothing wrong with that...also a good way to "plant seeds",

although I don't feel the need to do that.

Well its that time of year again!

Usually I will say, "Happy Holiday" . I will employ humour, and if the person is a Christian, add " you're three months too late, we've already celebrated Messiah's birth" and point them to the Scripture (John 1: 1-4) . But understanding that some still esteem it, I can say "enjoy your holiday".

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