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Someone recently asked me if Talmud is "authoritative".

For a Nazarene, studying Talmud is like a Texas attorney studying case law from Michigan. The Michigan case law is not authoritative in Texas courts, however the majority and minority arguments presented in the Michigan cases may be valid arguments in Texas courts as well.

Its not that Talmud must be followed, it is that it is studied. The Talmud consists largely of the records of the cases and arguments presented in the Pharisaic Sanhedrins of Jerusalem and Yavneh. Many of these date from a time after Nazarenes were given the authority by Yeshua to establish our own Sanhedrin (which we see functioning in Acts 15). But since the Talmud preserves majority and minority opinions, it is a valuable resource with which to study.

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I was reading The Bahir Illumination by Aryeh Kaplan.  Where does Kabbalah fit in to all this, or does it?  I have an impatience with a lot of it but some of it is interesting.

Is the Talmud Authoritative?

why not?

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