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What can we prove from the Scripture; that He is fallible or infallible? -Ed

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The Scriptures prove, for those who can see it, that Melchizedek was/is our Redeemer in His PRE-incarnate state, an immortal Spirit-Being who was High Priest to all believers such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, etc in those ancient times. After He came in the flesh and overcame Satan and the world, He qualified to be High Priest for us for all time. What is not understood by many on this forum is the fact that Adam was first called out by YHWH to obey Him to the full in order for Adam to replace Satan's rulership over the earth. Adam failed this, which led to Melchizedek/Yeshua having to forfeit His previous immortal state to come in the mortal flesh to do what the first Adam should have done but didn't do, as Paul tells us. This is what Satan's tempting of Yeshua in the wilderness was all about, as well as Yeshua's perfect obedience to YHWH during all of His mortal life in general. -Ed

Rick T. said:
My question to the scholar's , why is Melchizedke not seen as the " type & antitype " ? R.T.
"The Scriptures prove, for those who can see it, that Melchizedek was/is our Redeemer..."

HOW do the Scriptures prove it?
Try to convince people without appealing to whether they have the "ability" to understand it or not.

Lay out your evidence clearly, not the implications of your evidence.

One point you NEED to address, is why the phrasing "LIKE Melkitzedek" is used, and not simply "he is Melkitzedek".

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