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What is the position of a Nazarene Jew in light of this total onslaught that is marching toward Israel?

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This Nazarene finds it ironic that the acronym Isis eludes to the ancient false deity of "health and love".  The exact opposite of what the overzealous and misinformed "new" movement of Islam as spawned forth. I recently read an article somewhere that stated they have gone gone so far as to say, "We will not stop until the US is ours also".  Typical King of the South pompous rhetoric. Perhaps the King of the North will again intervene?

WASHINGTON — In sending warplanes back into the skies over Iraq, President Obama on Thursday night found himself exactly where he did not want to be. Hoping to end the war in Iraq, Mr. Obama became the fourth president in a row to order military action in that graveyard of American ambition.

The mandate he gave to the armed forces was more limited than that of his predecessors, focused mainly on dropping food and water. But he also authorized targeted airstrikes “if necessary” against Islamic radicals advancing on the Kurdish capital of Erbil and others threatening to wipe out thousands of non-Muslims stranded on a remote mountaintop.
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As he explained himself to a national television audience, Mr. Obama made a point of reassuring a war-weary public that the president who pulled American forces out of Iraq at the end of 2011 had no intention of fighting another full-scale war there. Yet his presence in the State Dining Room testified to the bleak reality that the tide of events in that ancient land has defied his predictions and aspirations before.

This may be un-Christian like, but the fact is there is only one way to deal with absolute evil and those who rejoice in death AND that is with the business end of a M-16. I believe we must turn the other check, but when you turn the other check and they slap that too and turn around and want to put a bullet in your head then I believe the Torah gives one the absolute right to protect themselves and their country. Israel MUST speak from a position of strength, otherwise, Muslims think you are weak...

I think that we have to consider them as a possible candidate for the seventh "beast" of Revelation.  The beast being defined previously in Scripture as a world power that has Jerusalem in it's empire, and this 7th beast is like the 6th, which was, and then is not (Ottoman?).  It could be a reemergence of the old Ottoman Islamic empire.  And, by the way, I want to give Kimberly Rogers credit for doing the research on this.  It's probably on her website:

She makes an interesting case, and certainly one that we should all file away in our minds.

No argument from me. However, I suggest reading Ezekiel, Chapters 35-39. I believe, I have a very good idea what will happen, but won't argue with anybody, but would enjoy other(s) opinions on these chapters...

Disingenuous presumptions.

1) "Isis" is the Egyption goddess of thrones, i.e., "nation builder".

See also

2) "Israel" is the demoniac "Sister God". Hilkiah and Shaphan highjacked the older word for sister, sarar, so they could change the meaning of ישראל from Yasharel (God's straight/happy to Yisrael - beats the crap out of, and prevails over, God.

I'd say Yisrael march a total onslaught towards Yasharel. Palestinians are predominantly of Hebraic genetic heritage.

Most of the Palestinians are Jews? (Part 1) 6:10

Most of the Palestinians are Jews? (part 2) 7:25

What was the position of THE Nazarene Jew 2000 years ago when surrounded by the strong bulls of Bashan? We follow a crucified AND resurrected Messiah who said ' no one takes my life from me. I have the authority to lay it down. I have the authority to take it up again.' Do we see the present state of Israel as fulfillment of biblical prophecy, or is it a counterfeit? When Messiah returns, he will lead the people back to the LORD and back to the land. The present state of affairs is set up to end the world as we know it with fire and great tribulation. Even so, Maranatha!

         I believe that there has always been  constant battles between both Israel and all Arabic peoples/descendents for over 2,000 years now. Both cultures come from the Linage of Abraham, technically making them both half-brothers.The Arabs were said to have come through Abraham and Sarah's Hand maid by the name of Hagar.There has been much animosity and various issues between each other.And...on the Big view of things being that we are in what refers to as the Last Days:God's Word Tells specifically how things will and are going to unfold:Such as...Wars and Rumors of Wars,Nations rising up against Nations,Families becoming divided against each other,earth quakes in diverse kinds of places and such...(Matthew chapter 24)I believe that the onslaught that has been marching towards Israel is a very Evil Agenda,that is not at all...good! Those involved with such groups as:Isis,Hamas,Alqeida and such...have been consumed by satan to the point of being possessed by him.There is absolutely nothing good to be found in satan and the type of agenda that he pursues! satan,comes to do nothing but to steal,kill and destroy! John 10:10 The Thief(satan)cometh not:But,to Steal,Kill and Destroy! But,I am (Jesus Christ aka Yahshua)come that ye may have life and have it more abundantly.

We are told not to stand b idle while our brother's blood is being shed....  but right now there is so much innocent blood being shed-  we cant fund or run in one direction-  I think what did Abraham do?   Dropped what he was doing and rescued his brother-  violence is truly covering the earth right now- because itdoesnt matter which direction you put your attention to- prayers or funds-  someone else in the other direction is crying for it!    Its overwhelming and too much to bear.

May I again propose realism: My brother to rescue is the Yudaite protected / hidden in the so called Jewish "nation".

There were no Jews 2000 years ago. Yeshua was not a Jew (He offered to be Messiah ben David / Yudah... was rejected and then emanated as Messiah ben Yoseph / Ephraim) and Paul (Shaul) was definitely not a Jew, he was a Benjaminite.  

Abraham would not jump in to annihilate the kings even for the sake of his distant relatives. It was for someone (Lot) that he has made a decision (probably contrary to YHWH's direct instruction: "depart from your land  / family etc... and I will...) and commitment to look after. This righteous action of Abraham was rewarded not any political motive.

Presume that I am a responsible Israelite who want to look out for my brothers from the tribe of Yudah, as I have said before, I have to caution: remove yourselves from the land of Canaan as soon as possible.  

There are no Nazarene "Jews" {this is a oxymoron)... the position of the Nazarenes (period) is to convince their brothers to flee from Canaan and let YHWH proceed with His plan for the region. 

Yeshua NOT a Jew ???

Pieter Jooste... Huh?

Josephus and Philo and the Tanak (Ester for example) talk all about "Jews" as does the NT and the "Church Fathers".

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