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Its that time of year again: Easter Crucifixions

Its that time of year again, the warm spring air, the green grass, children having Easter egg hunts... and lets not forget those Easter crucifixions:

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This is absolutely dreadful.

This sort of thing has been going on for years, the best-known being "Los Penitentes" of Mexico. I didn't know the same thing goes on in the Philippines on an even grander scale! The Roman Catholic Church officially disapproves, of course and well they should but no one seems to listen, even when the Vatican gets involved! A good example of a zeal for G-d and the "Christos" but definitely misplaced! Definitely not "Torah observant" that is for sure!

I'm originally from the Philippines and I can say that what's shown in that article is absolutely true. In addition there would be several other devotees who would reenact Yeshua's journey to Golgotha ( some bearing crosses) while their bloodied backs were being whipped by "Roman soldiers".

I remember growing up and joining processions where the statue of the dead Yeshua is paraded around the neighborhood and then lining to get a chance to kiss the foot of the statue. The zeal is admirable but it's sad that this practice does not seem to be dying. But on the other hand the Messianic/HR movement is gaining ground in this highly predominantly Catholic country and I personally know of four groups who have become Torah observant. Praise YHWH for the awakening.

The Church condemns this. 

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