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Jeroboam Rebellion alive and doing well

 1Kings 12:19  So Israel has been in rebellion against the house of David to this day.


   I see this very same attitude towards Judah and anything  Rabbinic within the messianic movement all the time, My question is why ?

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"Anything"? That's a bit of a stretch isn't it? We need to be more specific if we intend to have meaningful conversation concerning what some/all might dismiss as an erroneous tradition.

 Mika El read the whole section on Jeroboam in 1Kings 12 and see if you can find " anything " erroneous as to the action of Israel then and now The specific point is Israel .

I propose we first need to define which "Israel" we are discussing. I'm of the opinion it's not an apples to apples comparison to say "Israel" then = "Israel" now. Are we discussing the current "House of Israel"? (aka chrisendom)

Concerning the Messianic's,  I think it's a bit of a stretch to imply every belief of the current Mess-Antic movement is amiss. Much yes, not every practice/belief. If we are looking for specific items one really big one I have noticed, via past association,  Rabbi Trimm has thoroughly discussed is their promotion of  "One Faith 2 Expressions Theology." I strongly disagree with them on this aspect of what their hierarchy teaches. 

 The comparison I was making is Jeroboam's rebellion towards Judah is reflective of todays attitude in the messianic/Hebrew roots movement we see now . In Genesis 49:10 Judah holds the scepter until Shiloh returns , as I have said before this would infer that Judah has an inherit  form of governorship set in place by Hashem . So in my view

" Israel" then = "Israel" now "  still reflects the same rebellious attitude towards Judah . Concepts in halacha can be based on Mishnah principles dating to Moshe .

Spiritually speaking I would agree with Israel then = Israel now. I don't however feel it's quite as pronounced now as it was then. I know of a few within MJ that adhere to all principles shown forth in Torah observance. I also know a few that feel christendom is kosher.

I can't comment beyond my limited exposure. What peculiarities specifically have you observed might I ask?  


without throwing " all " of messianic /Hebrew roots movement under the bus , I can only speak to my exposure in the groups I have seen . Any topic about Talmud or the sages brings a total negative response and claims of that's too

" Jewish or your being Rabbinic "  Meanwhile we have teachers who have never been to Yeshiva and call themselves Rabbi . mixing Judaism and Christian belief to form yet another form of the Jeroboam Rebellion .

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