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L' be Fattened: Modern v. Ancient Views on Fat


Fat is life... to live is to be fattened.

In the ancient orient the concept of life is connected to the idea of fattening. Paleo-Hebrew lexicographer Jeff Benner relates this idea in his Ancient Hebrew Lexicon: " The Hebrew word hhai is usually translated as life. In our culture it is very uncommon for anyone to experience true hunger but this was an all too often experience for the Ancient Hebrews. To the Ancient Hebrews life is seen as a full stomach or fattening while an empty stomach is seen as death." Since modern occidental (western European) popular culture is not concerned with promoting life, we must attempt to understand our natural body structure in order to feel more secure in the uniqueness of this creation (i.e. our bodies). Post-modern western social engineers have idealized the malnurished, pre-adolescent body shape for women; the adolescent ultra-lean muscular body shape for men. The emphasis is placed upon being very lean or more 'death-like' in appearance. Fat is necessary for mainenance of healthy breast milk, proper brain function, energy storage for long-range endurance, etc. Fat is essential for the maintenace and propagation of life.


Only eat natural whole foods and participate in invigorating exercise. Leave behind the guilt and shame of our body shapes. We are beautiful just the way we are. We can all improve our physical stature in one way or another; nevertheless, do not allow the Beasts propaganda and social peer pressure to cause us unearned anxiety. Besides, look at all of the admirers who reach out to us regularly for our attention. Be confident and not proud, be smart and not naive and we will send the haters of life, i.e fat, running.


The women described in the Israelite sacred writings were not insecure, narcissistic exhibitionist (like the model for the ideal woman in American society). They are African-Asiatic women who are self-validated and well respected by their peers. A real women is not idealized as a cranky 'diva': She is dignified.


Have a great weekend!
Shabbath Shalom!

Aysh-Milchamah bar Lorenzo

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Reminds me of the Mechanical Translation, a tentatively literal translation that rendered Genesis 1:1 as:

"In the summit, Elohiym fattened the sky and the land"
Mhm, I often visit his "Ancient Hebrew Reseach Center" page, and especially enjoy his studies in Paleo Hebrew.

Rick T. said:
Jeff is Great, I too own his books and I find myself in then often .
lol! good stuff, and good post Ash.
When men aren't trying to impress their male peers for status sake, the majority of men, if they are honest with themselves, prefer women to be slightly plump.

Dawid's 6th wife's name was Eglah which literally means "heifer" -- the intention of the name was NOT in any way derogatory, but rather one of admiration. Apparently the Hebrews were honest about liking thick women.
You mean, "You will be like the stall fed calf" really is a blessing?... ;)

Yes, it is....

Phillip Hawley said:

You mean, "You will be like the stall fed calf" really is a blessing?... ;)

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