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Found out more about the Latter Day Israel group. They most certainly promote Mormon theology, yet they claim to be Two House and "Torah observant." However, they are Sunday keepers. Their site has quotes from the Book of Mormon and the Book of Alma. Really a screwed up bunch.

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Latter Day Israel group? Got a link?

I was sent an invitation to join through Facebook. I believe you can simply enter "Latter Day Israel" on any search engine. The site has some interesting stuff but most of it is rehashed Mormon garbage.

Okay, ...I found one.  I'm constantly amazed how Mormans can be 100% certain of their bloodline. Even to the point they choose to align themselves with Ephraim, ignoring enough scripture instructing otherwise to sink a battleship.  I know that via covenant I am to align with Yahudah. Furthermore, I don't need to pretend I'm certain of all aspects of my ancestry. Sad, real sad.

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