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Thanks for the Lunar Sabbath post. That was good.

I have recently come across morning to morning day reckoning.

Some of my questions are:

What day reckoning were they doing in Y'shua's day? Is there proof of that? Why is there no real historical record of it? When was it changed to evening to evening? Why would they change it? No one argued about it, everyone just rolled over and said OK, evening to evening it is?

The sabbath has been very central to Jews. They even move holy days around it in the postponements. They move the holy days, not the sabbath. The sabbath rules are extreme and Y'shua had big problems with that part of it. How could they just change it?

Y'shua did not seem to have a problem with the day reckoning of the mainstream Jewish leadership. Is there proof as to what that was?

I'm kind of wondering if there may have been two day reckonings at that time. Perhaps a common reckoning and the biblical reckoning.

They do have some good points and it is not 100% cut and dried.

Any input on this from either side?


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