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Nazarene Hasidic Movement Worldwide

The Nazarene Hasidic Movement Worldwide is an organization networking believers in Yeshua as the Messiah who are dedicated to the restoration of the ancient Hasidim. Nazarene Hasidim emphasize the element of CHESED (loving kindness) through DEVEKUS (cleaving) unto YHWH (Deut. 11:22; Deut. 13:5 (13:4)). As Nazarene Chasidim we maintain that Judaism must be centered not simply around doing the Torah, but around feeling the Torah as well, that through Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding flow a great joy which binds us to YHWH. We maintain that long before the Baal Shem Tov began teaching these principles, they were being taught by Yeshua and his original followers, the Nazarenes. Furthermore we maintain that these principles were taught even earlier by the ancient Hasidim of the Maccabean period (1Macc. 1:62-64; 2:29; 2:41; 7:12-14; 2Macc. 14:6) and even by the followers of YHWH in the times of the Tanak (Ps. 30:5(4); Ps. 31:24(23); Ps. 37:28; Sira 43:32-33).

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Does some one needs to do teshuva to become a Nazarene Jew ?













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