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Prophetic statement concerning slavery in America

Within the scope of American history: instead of one racial group enslaving another, we are all now "equally" enslaved to the corporate entity of America. I don't mean that statement to offend people who have gone through brutality in the past at the hands of their masters, but rather to put in perspective, that what we "enjoy" today simply isn't freedom: it is a form of control, albeit one that is centered around our apathy as its citizens... For instance, in our secular/humanistic form of government, mankind arbitrarily decides "what is moral/right", and places governing bodies to rule over virtually every aspect of our lives. 100 years ago, we didn't have the FDA, the IRS, CPS, the AFT, or anything like that. Today, they rule over us under the pretense of protection, but really they exist for the sole purpose of controlling and restricting the rights that God has given us from the very beginning. Living 100 years ago- without those oppressive organizations- was real freedom, verses what we have now, which I suggest is actually bondage and slavery of the worst kind. Honestly, it would be better if we were to be placed in chains, beaten with whips, and pushed to our limits... but unfortunately, we have becomes slaves to our own apathy. We are given just enough "comforts" that we lack the natural urge to fight back, and those enlightened few can't carry the weight of the masses of blind oppressed. The righteous remnant of the people of America simply cannot be great until they are first crushed and humbled- then and only then will they have the ability (or really, the motivation) to rise up and resist oppression.

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Right, and that's why I was left scratching my head about the correct term for many of the early US "slaves". Perhaps "hostage" is the best English word? (This came to me today.) From now on, I think I shall refer to the black "slaves" of early American history, that did not fall under any of the categories mentioned above, as hostages and not "slaves". This then puts as much, or more, blame on their captors as those who purchased and used them unjustly.

Perhaps one should use "slave" to refer to early US "slaves" and another term to describe "slaves" in the Torah... perhaps "servants"


noted. sir. :)


James Trimm said:

I just wanted to clarify that one should not confuse the "slave" precept in the Torah with the black "slaves" of the 18th and 19th centuries (and even 20th and 21st centuries in the Sudan).

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