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1) At 2 minutes into the video, the author asserts to know how to pronounce the "group writing" of the Egyptians. How does he know this?

2) At 2:46 in the video, the author asserts the "waw" is pronounced as an "O" vowel unless it is the first letter of a word. This assertion he "proves" by using a Greek section from the DSS 4Q120. (3:12) Further stating that the earliest translations (phonetically) of The Name into Greek did not use the word 'kopioc' and instead used the Greek IA^. This second point he asserts is "indisputable proof". This is an interesting find in my mind assuming Greek fragments were found at Qumran and the Greek "omega" is pronounced a long "O" vowel sound.    

3) At 4:11 he asserts it being "inconceivable" that the Hebrews whom penned the scrolls into Greek would have erred.

4) At 4:34 he quotes the historian Diodorus as someone also using the omega as the final sound in proper pronunciation. Another interesting find IMO.

Reason for the confusion to date. He says it's found at Isiah 64:7 and due to the niqqid vowel markings done by the Messorites which was ..."not done to preserve proper pronunciation"and instead obscure The Name.

I do,  God or lord ,  Hashem Adonai

Check Yeshayahu 65:11 in the Hebrew, my guess is you will be convinced as I was after studying it you will refrain from ever pronouncing the Gamel and Dalet with any vowel in between it.

Even the English term "l-rd" is questionable in it's etymological origin.

"Hashem"? The Name? What Name?

The word "Adonai" according to the speaker in the video is just a derivative of the Niqquid vowel pointing done to obscure the "correct" pronunciation as most in the prolonged attempt to derail the student of Hebrew studies.

All the above mentioned is not saying the video's author has it correct with his "YA'OH" but he does present some interesting "evidence" IMO.

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