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I thought this was a joke when I first saw it, but it looks like it's getting more serious.


We need a Judah Maccabee.

S o it is fine to tattoo ones self until you look like the " illustrated man" and also pierce your body with plugs , nuts and bolts , But to uphold a commandment is taboo! I suppose one would expect this from San Fransisco..this sounds like another form of anti-semitism..... I shall expect an earthquake soon lol
Well in the interest in fair argument I do not think these folks would be OK with tatooing or piercing of infants.
This is BS.
The US becoming like the rest of the worthless states in the world will be the reason for it's destruction; it is supposed to keep a higher standard, but fails.
The difference between the brit milah (for men) and FGM (which is legitimately called mutilation) is like the difference between night and day. Only an absolute idiot would argue otherwise, or draw a correlation between the two.
No doubt there will be a law suit waiting in the wings if this idiotic thing passes....

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