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Starting a Dallas Fort Worth Scripture Study Group

Starting a Dallas Fort Worth Scripture Study Group

I have had three different people ask me in the last month if I currently lead a Bible Study group or Home Congregation meeting in DFW.

At various in the past in my 50+ years I have led such groups, and I am willing to do so again, if there is a real interest.

My experience has been that getting a start-up group going runs into a fundamental difficulty. If you start a group and advertise it far and wide, but only one person shows, not only is it personally embarrassing, but that person typically does not return, and a week or two later another one person shows up, and the same thing happens. To get going a group needs a core group of at minimum three people, that will always be there.

In the modern world I think the best way of going about doing this is in three steps:

1. Create an online community of local persons interested in such meetings.

2. Have a series of informal "Gotta-get-together" meetings top get to know each other.

3. Establish a Scripture Study group that meets regularly.

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area and are interested, let me know by leaving feedback here,and I will add you to a Facebook group of interested persons which I will create.

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