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It seems that of late all kinds of strange doctrines are popping Up. Nazarene Space has allowances for some differences in halacha but when it comes to some of the more radical beliefs, Nazarene Space, rightly so, draws the line. We must be thankful for this stand.
What are some of these totally unacceptable doctrines? Most recently, our attention was called to the MIA's/ARI's close tie to the so called House of Aaron. But there are other doctrines that are equally troubling. We have the "plural marriage" people, lunar sabbath, boker (morning) sabbath, Friday sabbath, the Enochian calender, and teachings that reject certain books of the Bible (Romans, Revelation, Ruth, etc.) rejecting the Deity of Messiah, and the virgin birth, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
Why are these things coming about? in 2 Timothy 2:11 we read that certain people would be sent a strong delusion. Why would this happen? There are several reasons. One would be a weak spiritual state of the individual, perhaps combined with an inflated ego. Two, and this is a "biggie," people are not receiving proper instruction.
This is my contention, while we can, and should, receive proper instruction at any time, I believe there are certain times, one in particular, when we must receive a waterfall of teaching. That time is Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. Please read ZekarYah 14:18. Here we are told that if "Egypt" does not "...come up and enter in..." (speaking of Sukkot) there shall be " rain.." on them.
First, I believe that "Egypt" is to be taken metaphorically, that is, those who are of an Egyptian mind set (which can include some believers today). The "rain" is equated with instruction, as we read in Debarim (Deuteronomy) 32:2 "Let my instruction fall as rain..." (There are many other examples of rain, dew and water being equated with doctrine).
Therefore, it is my contention that in order to stay strong and avoid falling into the web of any of the heretical doctrines circulating about, Yahweh's people must engage in intense prayer and make a firm commitment to observe Sukkot this year, and every following year.
Not only is Tabernacles "teaching time" but let us not forget that it is a commanded convocation.
Yahweh willing I would like to bring out more on this in the near future. Meanwhile, I would appreciate any comments, criticisms, or suggestions sent via Nazarene Space.
 May Almighty Abba Yahweh bless us all as we seek to serve Him and learn more of His ways. May we all be blessed b'Shem Yahshua Meshikaynu.         

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Thank you dear brother. Often times, especially in these days of high gas prices and inflation in general, it is difficult for brethren to travel distances to a particular Feast Site. A new Union is forming (details forthcoming) and one of the goals will be to encourage the establishment of a number of Feast Sites around the nation, and indeed, around the world. Perhaps on certain days, all groups could be connected via the Internet. YHWH bless you and your family. Aformal announcement and details will be announced by Dr. Trimm.

OOPS! I think I just deleted my reply!!! Any how, thank you dear brother "Grouch." In these times of high gas prices traveling a distance to a particular Feast site is difficult for many brethren. However, keep watching for an important announcement to be made soon by Dr. Trimm. It will encourage you. YHWH Shalom and bless.

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