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Suspect in California Synagogue Blast Arrested in Ohio, Source Says, After FBI Alert

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Great.....Hirsch....Cleveland Heights...New York.

I hope he doesn't turn out to be a self hating Jew (if indeed he is the guilty party).

Hirsch, who was known to spend time at synagogues and Jewish community centers seeking charity, was wanted on state charges of possession of a destructive device and unrelated local charges.

Janti Rashti, 59, whose roof was damaged, said that she recognized Hirsch from his photo as the quiet man who sometimes slept by the side of the synagogue.

"I just don't believe it was him," Rashti said. "The synagogue was never mean to him. I certainly never did anything to him."

Authorities said they knew of no motive behind the explosion, and Jewish groups said they did not believe anti-Semitism was necessarily to blame.

What curious circumstances.  Anti-Semitism apparently has been discredited as a motivator in this particular case.  I tried to find whether Ron Hirsch might be an anti-Israel/anti-Zionist Jew, but there's no implication of that either.

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