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I am grateful for the information to be gained from this and other sites of it's kind. It is a much needful thing to discuss, and learn about the true Faith of the original "Nazarenes"(followers of Yehoshua). It is fascinating how we are witnessing a virtual 'explosion' of sites, and books about the original Yeshua "movement" in this day and age. Perhaps the time has come for the people of this 'benighted' world to at last learn the truth of the true church's origin so that they may be able to make "the choice" and to choose wisely. That they me turn from their sins, turn to the true God, repent and be saved. Yeshua said,"You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free." Now, with this knowledge finally available we may yet find, "the way, the truth, and the life."

I have been on a quest for all of my adult life for the truth of the "Gospel". Thanks to the current research of the first century of the "Jesus Movement" and the plethory of books, internet sites(such as this one), the work of modern scholars, and other sources of information available, it would seem that my quest may reach it's goal and my prayers answered.

My thanks again to the Nazarene Judaism movement and this site. Amen.

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