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The Hebrew Gospels and the question of the Language of the NT

the Hebrew Gospels and the  Language of the Gospels?

Shalom and a blessing to all brethren.

Ok, this discussion is kind of technical,  and I apologize if it is hard to understand for some who might be unaqcuainted with the Aramaic and or Hebrew Gospels.

In recent months I have been considering the Hebrew Gospel portions found in the Vatican Library.

These are basically small portions of the Heb text of the very begging of Luke and the very beginning of John.

I am curious if anyone has 1) formed and opinion of these Hebrew texts, and 2)  analyzed the text comparing it to the Aramaic texts.

An obvious question in my mind is if the Hebrew Gospels portions are authentic and if so what importance can we attach to them?

In midrashing and brainstorming this question I was particularly wondering if anyone has formulated an opinion on the question of if this discovery informs or even changes our view of the Aramaic Gospels?

There are surely many verses that one could discuss, comparing and contrasting.

One verse I found (perhaps) significant is the beginning of the Hebrew Luke Gabriel states I am he Gabriel.

In the Aramaic this is one of the few persons in the NT who speaks the words "Ena Na" ("I am He", "I am he" or - alternatively - "the Great I AM " ).

has anyone considered this issue? Are there theological implications that are raised ?

Another question, if anyone should care to address it:  Does the "Ena Na" verses in the Aramaic text become invalidated if one supposses a Hebrew original?

Are there any reasons anyone has found to question the validity of those Hebrew Gospels found at the Vatican Library.

Some reports of a historic nature have reached down to us attached to some of the Aramaic Gospels which state that Matthew was written in Hebrew, Mark in Latin,
and Luke and John in Greek. 

Do any of you attach any importance or credibility to this notice?  It seems I have seen a similar notice given by different sources, which might be seen as an evidence of credibility.

Was wondering if any of you have considered any of these matters? 

 Shalom brethren,

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Dr Trimm has studied extensively on this topic. He's even written a book about it mentioned here:

I personally don't see any issue with the text you mentioned above concerning "Ena Na". Far from invalidating, I would argue supports! Might you be able to copy what you have access to and post it here???

I don't see in this verse an "issue", in a negative sense,  rather a peculiarity that might be a midrash or occasion for words of Torah.  Although given the profundity of the topic (as I perceive it) perhaps not easily expressed or  clarified online.

In any case I  will have to review Teacher Trimms words.  Shalom

  • An obvious question in my mind is if the Hebrew Gospels portions are authentic and if so what importance can we attach to them?


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