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The Zohar says Messiah will come in 2012?

I've recently became aware that certain preachers are saying that the Zohar predicts Messiah will come in the year 5773, which corresponds to the year 2012. According to these preachers, if a messiah figure does come in 2012 it will be a false messiah, perhaps even the anti-chirst, which will lead to many jewish people accepting a false messiah. Has anyone else heard of this? If so, what is your input?


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"the Zohar predicts Messiah will come in the year 5773"

Does it ?
That sounds like it would be an interesting read.


in what manner, and by whom?


thanks ahead.


every jewish and christian authority i have ever known of ancient times speaks of the return at year 6000, so i am skeptical of people's claim abou what the Zohar says

According to this guy, the Zohar says messiah will come in 5773 (2012).




The following guy is Tom Horn, and he says some really interesting stuff. He talks about the great seal of the U.S. and how it is linked with the year 2012. He talks about various ancient cultures and how the return of their god, for some reason, seems to coincide with the year 2012. Whats interesting is that he talks about how the Zohar predicts the messiah will come in the year 2012. We may not agree with every thing he says, but it does make you wonder.


There is something which happens in 2012: the sabbath year, followed in 2013 the year of Jubilee, which opens the first seal.

The number 5773 never appears in the Zohar unless some claims it is encoded.

do a google search end times chronology nazarenespace, and you should find it.  

"i have used Revelation of John to know exactly when the seals will open and when the trumpets and bowls will as well."

We're allowed to guess/interpret, but not be arrogant/stupid.

Onieu bahn Duid said:

I have calculated quite conclusively what year we are in using the best manuscripts.  I used the reckoning of Jubilees, which agrees with the Samaritan for the preflood patriarchs, and the Masoretic for the postflood patriarchs, and that gives the year Israel entered Israel as the year 2450, which is the last year of the 50th Jubilee, which is the Jubilee of Jubilees.  Testament of Moses also teaches us they entered the promised land the 50th Jubilee.  Then, i used the dating in masoetic of how many years passed between Soomon's temple and the exodus.  I then took all the years of the kings of judah and teir reigns, cooroborating them with Israel's years.  after that i added 70 years for the exile.  then i added 483 years from Daniel's prophecy, and that was the year Messiah died, which i date to 36 CE.  i also date His birth to 12 BCE, on the basis of Josephus and Irenaeus and the Gospel of John.  After this, i then came upon essentially proof of my dating, with the Damascus Document teaching the teacher came 390 years after Israel recovered from Nebuchdnezzar.  After the second temple was finally built, 390 years later, is the year 12 BCE the year I had previously concluded that Messiah would be born.  please see this link before i delete in a couple days:

i have used Revelation of John to know exactly when the seals will open and when the trumpets and bowls will as well.

1450 50

it's the missing link

Onieu bahn Duid said:

do a google search end times chronology nazarenespace, and you should find it.  

one of two answers, grouch: either Messiah is referring to the actual day and the actual hour (of which i do not know) or he is saying no one during that time knew when He would return since it hadn't been revealed yet.  Keep in mind some manuscripts do not say "nor the Son" also.

no the Scripture says we do not know the day or hour.  not the date.  you are making an assumption.

the other Scriptures which were rejected from the Bible tell us when the return will be, so I trust them over forced traditionalist interpretations of Scripture especially modern ones.

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