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In Devarim 4, where it says to keep "These Words" upon your heart, etc...isn't this the same term referring to "the TEN Words" i.e. the Ten Commandments?

I understand that the rabbis actually had the commandments recited as part of the temple service prayers, but removed them (!) replacing them with the Shema... is this correct?

It seems to me that teaching my sons to keep the Ten Words would be more in keeping with the intent of Devarim 4-6.

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What else can it be?
Actually that is the Samaritan interpretation. I am not agreeing, I am just pointing this out.
Whether or not the Ten Words were originally used and then replaced by the Sh'ma`, the Mitz'vah itself (in my opinion) refers to the Sh'ma` for three reasons. א) it seems to be refering to the Torah as a whole, and according to both tradition and Y'shua`, the Sh'ma` (and V'Ahav'tah) sums up all of the 613 mitz'vos ב) Later, in D'variym 6, when the Sh'ma` is given with the command of the mezuzah and t'filin, similar phrasing is used. (...והיו הדברים האלה אשׁר מצוך היום) (And have These Words which I command you This Day...). ג) If the Rabonim changed it they had a reason.

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