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A rabbi from the messianic Jewish movement made this statement in his promotion of his first part of a series he started in the congregation at the Rosh ha Shana celebration last night with:

em>On Erev Rosh Hashana we started a the new series called “Back to Basics” with the message “In The Beginning God.”  When it comes to the basics of faith the first question is “Who is God?” The Torah, The Prophets, The Writings and The New Testament all have the same message, there is only God who exists in three persons Father, Son & SpiritThis theology, called the “Trinity”, is both crucial and foundational in knowing who God says He is.  Rabbi Matt walks us through this important theology to kick off the new Jewish year of 5774!>

What you think about this? I have already responded to it , but I would like to hear how you would respond. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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by they way they are connected to MJAA- main roof they have rented facility of this huge church building and allow "rabbi' from that church to helpout when the rabbi is on seminars or whatsoever!:)


Aryeh, I understand the scripture too like that you should no man call you rabbi/teacher! We have only one true teacher/rabbi and that is Yahusha Himself!


after all, one thing should everyone know:

the Jewish people and teachers are not good at "theologizing".

we don't need to do that: we saw (our people saw), we heard.....

"dabru el khol adat Ishroel le'mor"...

and that we "do" whether we think or not. :-)

what matters most is His mitzvoth.

don't expect so much from our people about theology:

we are poor at that and we do not need to do that:

the witness does not need to *think*

but he can show what he saw, heard, and felt.


I did a check again on Johanan 1:1, now direct from below the redish lines in Khabouris Codex :


Bereşit aiteuhi hue Meltae, u’hu Meltae aiteuhi hae luat Aloha, ue Aloha aiteuhi hue hu Meltae;

Before last Meltae (Word) there is "hu" but in this Codex I see an opint over wau, so I dont know is reads "hu" or "ho" but means "him" or even a little forced "himself" like in Etheridge NT, someting like this:

 In beginning  together (simultaneously) is the Word [Meltho], and him/himself together the Word is with Aloha, and Aloha together is him/himself the Word. 


The Codex Khaboris is a rather late example of the Peshitta text, which is also represented by over 350 other witnesses.

Also the Peshitta itself is only a revision of the older Old Syriac Aramaic version.

The Trinity doctrine teaches idolatry as doctrine, but it's not new. 

We've all seen this before. It's especially offensive here in Israel.

You're responsible for a Messianic Congregation. You feel the need 

to care for your flock, but you can't pay the bills. So you "hook up"

with a Protestant denomination for support. And in order for the money 

to continue flowing, you must "tow the line" and teach the appropriate 

doctrines of that group. The Trinity being chief among them. I see no 

fundamental difference between these Messianic groups and other 

Protestant groups that "support" Israel and teach Jewish roots. Why 

don't you stop pretending, take a stand, and see if the God of our 

forefathers provides for you and confirms your message? 

I felt from the beginning that as Jewish disciples of Yeshua, we were called 

to TAKE the "body" out of Rome and LEAD it back to Jerusalem. When I saw

congregational leaders assigning themselves the title of Rabbi back in the 1980's,

I realized our humanity would become trapped by vanity and religion. Yet the 

LORD will accomplish the task by the power of His spirit and those who "see" 

can only be the "rams" that lead the sheep out of the pen of Christianity.  

yeah the lie been taught over centuries and even it seems to be a blessing it is proven deceptive, but so is with all hashatans works. Yah's blessings to you and don't fall for the trap, but if you did you can always return tshuva and you will when the veil is no longer obscuring the view and it is Yah Who can only take it away.

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