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As I mentioned, last year we held a Seminar “Understanding Paul” in which we went line-by-line through every word Paul wrote: (

This was a three day seminar of intensive teaching.

Only four people actually registered and came to the Seminar (I believe all four of them felt it was well worth it).

We did attempt to video tape the Seminar, but the tapes did not come out well.

Ideally I would like to have the Seminar again, but last time only four people came….

I could offer this as a Yeshiva class for this Semester that is soon to begin… but most of our current Yeshiva students were at the Seminar last year.

I could re-do the Seminar material as an audio CD of video DVD…. It’s a lot of material so a DVD set would not be cheap (hours of video)…

I could produce the material is segments for monthly release to supporters. (Romans one month etc.)

The video has advantages because I can write Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek on the white board and give an interlinear English understanding of given passages.

I am open to ideas…

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Youtube videos are limited to about 10 minutes each, we are talking about perhaps 30 hours of material... this would make for at least 180 youtube videos!
Shalom Brother Trimm,

If I might make a suggestion. If there is a congregation (of any persuasion) that already has the technical capability to shoot and edit the videos and engineer the sound, that would be the place to start. Hopefully you could find something close to home. That would certainly limit out of pocket expenses and allow more time for you to attend to your family.

An equitable arrangement might be made such as performing the teaching in exchange for the video production. Allowing them to market your teaching for a percentage is always attractive to a congregation in a time where the 'Hebrew Perspective' is becoming such an attractive novelty. I pray you success in this.
There are several video hosting services that allow videos longer than 10 minutes.

But still, I'm with Brian... You should get paid for the labor you put into teaching. That's why I say try to market your seminar to synagogues and congregations worldwide.

James Trimm said:
Youtube videos are limited to about 10 minutes each, we are talking about perhaps 30 hours of material... this would make for at least 180 youtube videos!
Paltalk would definitely work for me. :) But then again, I am only about 2 hours away from DFW area and I would come to this if the dates worked out and I could get babysitters and I would pay whatever for it. This teaching should be such a key priority for us today in this time.
Would it be possible to, once a month, do a class on paltalk? I assume that it may not be feasible due to the need for visual and not all are set up for video.
I, possibly, could set up something here in Cisco. There is a possibility of using a large hall in one of the churches without cost or very little. Set something up with one or two of the motels here. I believe the church has video recording equipment, and being less than a year old very good audio. It is approximately 2 hours west of Fort Worth on Interstate 20. The only logistic problem that I could think of would be which days.

A thought ( I do that once and a while) The invitation to HalleluYAH Fellowship. Would you be interested in doing a "teaser" message in reference to "Understanding Paul" Seminar. I'll get it in the paper ( the local paper covers 5 towns)and on radio; possibly get you on the local station and maybe even Brownwood and Eastland, I'll see what I could do about an Abilene station or 2.

About a year; maybe two, we had Uri Harel here and did 2 one day seminars. One on Sabbath for the Sunday keepers and on Sunday for the Sabbath keepers. The Sabbath keepers were the largest group by far yet since that seminar the Sunday keepers that came said they would come again and get the message out more. Uri has indicated he would like to come back to Cisco. F.Y.I. he is on GLC and teaches Hebrew. You probably already know of him.

What do you think?

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