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Was Yeshua more of a Phraisee, or more of an Essene?

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While he was undoubtedly neither (in spite of minority claims favoring allegiance to one or the other), the question was who He resembled more. There have actually been a couple of books written claiming that Messiach was a Pharisee, but none that I know which claim he was an Essene. Not only that, but equipped with the understanding that the Essenes WERE NOT residents at the Qumran caves near the Dead Sea distances them from the cherished manuscripts found there. There are compelling reasons to believe the grossly ascetic Essenes were in fact yet another product of the mystery religions, in effect crypto-polytheists. I have not substantiated this bold claim for myself yet, but if these things are true, then Yahusha definitely did not even come close to their beliefs. For the record, Yochanan the Immerser was certainly not an Essene either, but likely did reside at Qumran with the valuable library that he would have approved of.


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