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What became of the Lost Ten Tribes?

Where did they go?

Where are they today?

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To France and beyond. They created France, England, and the Islands.

 Zedekiah Last King of Judah, son of Josiah king of Judah and Manutah, was born in Jerusalem, Palestine.

Babylon besieged Jerusalem and took the entire Nation of Judah captive to Babylon. The King of Judah was Zedekiah, from the Tribe of Judah and the Royal line from the House of David.

King Zedekiah's sons were killed. King Zedekiah himself was taken captive to Babylon, with his eyes put out. Under Israelite Law, in the Book of Numbers, the inheritance goes to the daughters, if there are no male heirs. In this case, Zedekiah had two daughters. One was named Tea-Tephi, and the other daughter was named Tamar-Tephi. Both of these princesses were put in the guardianship of Jeremiah the Prophet. 

God preserved the Royal Seed of David, by transporting the King's Daughter to Ireland. The record of the Bard's tell about the fact that they were taken to Egypt, and stayed in Egypt. While they were in Egypt, Jeremiah's scribe went and sought a Ship so that they could leave, with the Mysterious, Sacred, and Holy Ark of the Covenant, and the King's Daughters.

The records of the Bards in Ireland show, that when Jeremiah and the king's daughters were in Egypt, they had in their possession, Jacob's Pillar Stone, and the Mysterious, and Holy Sacred Ark of the Covenant.


      i.  Tea Tephi Queen of Ireland (born in Spain - , died in Odhbha, Meath, Leinster, Ireland)

Tea tephi queen of Ireland, daughter of Zedekiah last king of Judah, was born in Spain and died in Odhbha, Meath, Leinster, Ireland.

The Chronicles say:

Tephi born of the House of the High One, Princess of Zion, loved of The Lord, Home of the House of her God, daughter of David, Shepherd in Judah, Tribe of the Lion, Queen over Bethel, and Dan where they be scattered abroad.

Is not the word made sure, we are spread forth in alien places. Fire that was kindled burnst to the utter-most hell. Princes led captive to Baal. I even I am left to pry from the outtermost region, far off isles of the west, home of the remnant of Dan. Sewn as a thistle on earth, is Jacob. The name of us is legion. Tongue of the Hebrew fails. Tea-Tephi describing the dispersal of the Lost Tribes of Israel

Buried in the poetry and folk-lore of Ireland is the tale of a Prophet, an Egyptian Princess and Simon Brug (Baruch) a Scribe. They Landed in Ireland about the same time that the destruction of Jerusalem took place, bearing with them a great chest and a stone wrapped on a banner. The Princess married the Zarahite King, Eochaidh II. Ard-dath, Ard-righ, or Heremon, horse man of all Ireland.

It is claimed that with the Princess Tea Tephi, were brought to Ireland many priceless relics showing the Hebrew identity, and royal descent of her people; among them the "Jodham Morain" or priest breast plate; the harp of King David, "Sweet Singer of Israel", and the famous Coronation Stone of the Kings of Ireland, Scotland, and England.

This Stone, tradition states, is the identical pillow upon which the head of Jacob rested at Bethel; that it was carried to Egypt by his sons, and became sacred in the eyes of his descendants.

It is called the Stone of "Fate" or "Fortune", and is spoken of in the old records as "the ancientest respected monument in the world."

Old Irish verse:

The praises of Tea Tephi are sung as:

"The Beautiful One with a Royal Prosperous Smile."
"Tephi (Hebrew beautiful) the most beautiful that traversed the Plain."
"Temor of Bregia, whence so called."

Relate to me O learned Sages,
When was the place called Temor?
Was it in the time of Parthalon of battles?
Or at the first arrival of Caesaire?
Tell me in which of these invasions
Did the place have the name of Tea-mor?
O Tuan, O generous Finchadh,
O Dubhan, Ye venerable Five
Whence was acquired the name of Te-mor?
Until the coming of the agreeable Teah
The wife of Heremon of noble aspect.
A Rampart was raised around her house
For Teah the daughter of Lughaidh (God's House)
She was buried outside in her mound
And from her it was named Tea-muir.
Cathair, Crofin not inapplicable.
Was its name among the Tuatha-de-Danaan
Until the coming of Tea - the Just
Wife of Heremon of the noble aspect?
A wall was raised around her house
For Tea the daughter of Lughaidh,
(And) she was interred in her wall outside,
So that from her is Tea-mor.
A habitation which was a Dun (Hebrew court) and a fortress
Which was the glory of murs without demolition,
On which the monument of Tea after her death,
So that it was an addition to her dowry.
The humble Heremon had
A woman in beautiful confinement
Who received from him everything she wished for.
He gave her whatever he promised,
Bregatea a meritorious abode
(Where lies) The grave, which is the great Mergech (Hebrew burial place)
The burial place which was not violated.
The daughter of Pharaoh of many champions
Tephi, the most beautiful that traversed the Plain.
She gave a name to her fair cahir,
The woman with the prosperous royal smile,
Mur-Tephi where the assembly met.
It is not a mystery to be said
A Mur (was raised) over Tephi I have heard.
Strength this, without contempt,
Which great proud Queen have formed
The length, breadth of the house of Tephi,
Sixty feet without weakness
As Prophets and Druids have seen.

From "Forward" - Watchman What of the Dawn

Tea married Heremon king of Munster, 2nd Monarch of Ireland, son of Milesius of Spain King of Braganza, Father of the Irish Race and Scota Tephi Princess of Egypt. Héremón was born in Braganza, Iberia or Spain and died in 1683 B.C. in Rath-Beothaight, Argat-Ross, Ireland.


          i.  Iarél Fáith 10th Monarch of Ireland (died in 1670 B.C. in Magh Muaagh, Galway, Connaught, Ireland)

When the tribes crossed over the Caucus Mountains they became known as Caucasians.  I bet you can't guess where that is going. Funny how a many people will claim to be of the Caucasian race yet all the while denying their Hebraic Roots as one of the Northern YishraAili Tribes, Oy!

There's a tribe on a mountain near Israel that claims to have records going back to the temple

Hosea says they were made no longer a people so it doesn't matter. They will rise up in the last days as the Church the great mystery set in the tribes at his good pleasure as Jacob separated the sheep according to their kind. Only one way through Y'shua. Many in Church will find out their bloodlines go back to the tribes. 

Another interesting document. "The declaration of Arbroath." (c AD1320) A good Scottish source. Also, the newsletter from Yair Davidiiy, a Jewish advocate of Anglo-Saxon Hebrew identity. Please note. The ONLY people not taken into the Assyrian captivity were the ones who took refuge in Jerusalem. In other words, even most of Judah went into captivity at the same time, and the TRIBE of Judah is strongly represented in Anglo-Saxon Israel. Also, the Gaza Strip is that part of the inheritance of the tribe of Judah that was never taken.

The tomb of Tarah has recently been in Irish news. There was an attempt to build a motorway through the hill/tomb, but therer was so much local objection that it eventually went AROUND the hill.

Big problem. In the later (Babylonian) captivity, only descendants of the tribes of Benjamin, Judah and Levi are recorded, Similarly, in the return from Babylon, again, only those same three tribes. So what happened to those as you say, were from the remnant of Israel? Note that Jeroboam was the leader who split from the southern house (Rehoboam, son of Solomon)  and this is long before the Assyrian invasions.

The prophet Ovadyah (Obadiah) speaks of the destination of the House of Israel in their exile as follows:

And the captivity of this host of the children of Yisrael,
that are among the Kena’anites, even unto Tzarfat, and
the captivity of Yerushalayim, that is in Sepharad, shall
possess the cities of the South.
(Ovadyah 1:20)

Where is Tzarfat? Tzarfat is the Hebrew word for “France”. In fact, if you were reading a newspaper in Israel today, and it referred to France, the word used would be “Tzarfat”.

In fact Rashi’s commentary to Ob. 1:20 says: “Tzarfat is the kingdom of France.”

Gauls had migrated from an area just north of the Assyrian Empire across Europe to the area we know today as France. The land we know today as France was Gaul. In fact the “DeGaulle” in Charles DeGaulle (the French general and statesman who led the Free French Forces during World War II) means “of Gaul”. These Gauls were also known as Celts… they migrated across the English channel into the Brittish isles… thus the Celts spoke “Gealic”. These “Gauls” were GAL-aeens who had been exiled by the Assyrians to the land north of Assyria, As they passed through the area known now as Turkey they created a colony there called GAL-atia.

In 1944 Zionist activist David Horowitz organized the United Israel World Union. The hallmark of this Jewish organization was Isaiah’s word “My house will become a house of prayer for all peoples,” and “Whosoever will call upon the name of YHWH will be saved.” Horowitz maintained that the Lost Tribes of Israel had scattered among the nations and having lost their identity, would be a key componant and catalyst of masses of “Gentiles” who he believed would be drawn to Judaism, and join the Jewish people bringing about a Messianic age. Horowitz continued to lead the organization and proclaim this message of the future reunion of the two houses of Israel until his death at the age of 99 years in 2002. I know, I spoke with him on a number of occasions, he was a friend of mine.

Orthodox Israeli Yair Davidy is another Jew to proclaim the message of the Two Houses of Israel and the Ten Lost Tribes. Davidy lives in Israel where he runs the organization Brit-Am Israel. He has written several books on the topic of the Lost Tribes and their migrations into Western Europe. Many of these books have a letter in the front, giving them Rabbinic Aprobation from Rabbi Avram Feld. Among Yair’s books are The Tribes: The Israelite Origin of the Western Peoples (1993); Ephraim and Lost Israelite Identity. Yair Davidy’s thoroughly documented research shows that the Lost Ten Tribes, which had been transplanted to the outskirts of Assyria came to be known as the Sakeans (they were previously known as Yitzakheans or in Aramaic Isakeans). These Sakeans are known to have migrated northwest and made their way into Europe to become the Scythians (S’kitheans) and Saxons (Saksons). Davidy’s research has shown that other tribal groups of the Lost Ten Tribes also emerged in Europe under names similar to those of the Tribe of Israel, such as: Galics (Galileans); Danes (Dans); Cimereans (Simeons); Goths/Gots (Gads “Gad” is pronounced in Hebrew as “God”).

Thanks James. To me, Obadiah has the most to say about what is now happening in the land. It is my personal understanding of what he says is about the present conflict. Most of the Jews are, in fact, Edomites, and, sometime in the not-too-distant future, will be wiped out by an invasion from the north. At around this time, the two Houses will again rejoin, and "Go up to Jerusalem together, weeping." Perhaps this will be the signal for Messiah to return?

Many other signs are now plain. The Euphrates is drying up (now down to 29% of its normal flow), we have already seen the "Tongue of the Egyptian Sea" (Isaiah 11:15 - The Suez Canal) dry up once, and the Gaza Strip has yet to be taken by Judah.

According to a Maronite Christian lady from Lebanon most of the "Palestinians" were Jews who were too poor to pay the infidel tax so they converted to Islam.

Didn't most of the Edomites die toward the fall of Rome?

Do you think only people from the tribes of Israel will be saved?  I don't.  Egyptians were part of the tribes who left with Israel.


by no means are we as Netzarim so ridiculous as to think that only the 12 Tribes and their  physical descendants will be the only ones of whom will be restored to YHWH in His coming Kingdom.

But know this and know it well, there are only 12 doors on the New City of Yerushalyim with the names of the 12 Tribes on them. There will be no Egyptian or Greek gates there. So If one walked like an Egyptian, or even as the Greeks for that matter, they will need to repent and be grafted spiritually into The House of YisraAil.

And yes just because someone is of one of the 12 Tribes of YisraAil (which includes all physical descendants) does not mean they will have a place in the Kingdom of YHWH to come, only spiritually circumcised people will make it whether they were originally of the 12 Tribes or of pagan origins to start with.

So not I but He Whom has sent me says "REPENT"!

And repent means to turn from having strayed away from YHWH presence, by taking our own paths in life (e.g. - as Awdawm and Hawah did), and return to the paths that leads us closer to YHWH as out-lined/set-out for us in His Word/Instructions/Torah (i.e. - Law of YHWH) - Period.

YHWH's grace allows for when we had not walked in His paths at all but then turn to His paths, and even then once we become His children His grace covers our mis-steps from the path that He has set out for us in His Instructions/Torah that He claims will lead us back into His presence. That's right not I but He said so. But by no means does YHWH's grace cover people whom refuse to walk in His ways at all yet rather prefer to walk in their own ways (i.e. - that of HaSawtawn's)!

          Doug Ri said:

"Do you think only people from the tribes of Israel will be saved?  I don't.  Egyptians were part of the tribes who left with Israel."


Are the Assyrian "Nestorians" (The Church of the East) from the Ten Lost Tribes?


The Nestorians, Or, The Lost Tribes: Containing Evidence of Their I...

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