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What became of the Lost Ten Tribes?

Where did they go?

Where are they today?

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What became of the Lost Ten Tribes?


they became twelve again.

Yahshua showed me just a few weeks ago the root of my mum's surname was Hebrew. My ancestors left Prussia/Silesia to escape religious persecution - German Lutherans now a part of Poland. They came to South Australia - great South Land of the Holy Spirit. On my Father's side (whom I never met) his mother came from Ireland and his father from Spain. Yahshua also showed me that my links were to the house of Naphtali and Benjamin but has said that over the time many tribes intermingled and that whilst I was predominately of these two there were others. It is interesting to note that Elohim managed to take some of His children from this part of Europe and settle them in a safe land before the rise of first and second world war where they would have faced persecution. 

In Search of Lost Tribes: Native American Languages and Hebrew

Just my opinion, but I believe they became as Ephraim, were "seeded" into all gentile people eventually, and is why the covenant He said He would make, is between Ephraim/now as gentiles/uncircumcised as a female is, and Judah/the Jews/circumcised male, as He intends to make of BOTH, one new creation man (He called THEIR name Adamah).

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