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What do you do if someone gives you an x-mass gift anyway?

Discussion question:
What do you do if someone gives you an x-mass gift anyway?

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I have many Jewish friends who do the same Shalom.
Smart friends. ;-)

Ya'akov ben Shalom said:
I have many Jewish friends who do the same Shalom.
Sure Shalom. You're too stupid to know that the "men" here are wrong. LOL

Never mind that you figured out who she was the same way we did. Never mind that LYING about your identity, LYING about not being Mormon, violate Torah.'s just those evil men lying.

Jezebel lives. XD
James didn't delete the threads.

Guess someone is a liar. lol

Rick T. said:
I agree with you Rachel, Most all of my friends know my belief so the x-mas thing is not to big of a deal. some still give a gift and I try and be nice, after all they were doing it out of the kindness of their heart . And if I am trying to speak with them about Torah , being nice helps.

Exactly. Most people know I'm a Jew, and they are giving me a gift not because they think I celebrate the holiday,
but because they are in a generous spirit. It doesn't bother me in the least.
Seems a bit extreme and maybe even "cultish" to me.

Tamar DeBurg said:
First of all I wouldn't put myself in the position of being around anyone that would want to give me a Christmas gift....if I got it in the mail I would send it back...Most people that know me...KNOW that I do not do Christmas....even my business associates....WHEN I meet someone that is going to be in my lord, etc....I immediately explain that We do not keep the holidays...this avoids ANY hurt feelings....later.

Then I feel sorry for you. I love being around kind, generous, caring people. You are possibly cutting yourself off from some of the finest people you have ever met. I don't "do" the holidays, people are aware of it, but they don't necessarily see giving a heartfelt gift as celebrating it nor of celebrating paganism. I think people need to lighten up. But I understand most people here are probably new to hebrew roots, and are a bit overzealous. I can only hope those people will mellow with time..

By being rude and offensive about their gift, you are in no doubt planting a big hurdle towards them having any
interest in Torah and HaShem. What would attract them to something when they are treated in such a manner? In Judaism we believe embarassing someone like that is one of the worst things you can do. I would
fine it hard to believe those involved in the Nazarene movement would think it's okay.
I agree Rachel. Tamar's position sends a cult like message that will turn most off to even wanting to learn more.

sevynn leverette said:
i believe you should reject all aspects of christmas, even recieving gifts we have educates our entire family about gifts for the kids and they respect our belief now, at first it was difficult however over time they begin to underdtand your lifestyle. We have returned gifts also.

You are absolutely right, sevynn. Any Christmas gifts we receive are to be rejected by us. We must civilly let the giver know where we stand on this, that YHWH shows us in His Scriptures that X-mas is a pagan holiday and that we will have nothing to do with it. We should then either return the gift or else throw it away. In the case of money, I would give it to a poor person who needs it, just as if it was drug money that I found and gave away. -Ed
I guess this is one of those things we will have to disagree on....leave it up to your own
conscience and beliefs as how you will deal with the issue.
I....don't...FEEL...guilty at...all. YOUR...position is....just....ODD.

I guess. lol

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