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What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?


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I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments here, and it is quite obvious that you all have a zeal for knowing YHVH-  I would like to add that I, too, had the idea that the female part of adam was exhibiting the characteristics of the Ruach- the comforter, helper, working behind the scenes etc... and the male part of adam's characteristics were more like YHVH Elohim...  I know that there is no 'it'  in Hebrew.. right?   I may be wrong about this idea but I had a few more observations that I have made in my journeying in the scripture I would like to share, correct me if I am wrong-  is the Hebrew word for mercy also the same word for womb-  we are the sons of Elohim and he also made himself a son of adam... we are grafted in to him, and he also grafted himself in to us.. the shoot from Jesse...  perhaps I am wrong about this, but did Yeshua drink the bitter waters of the adulterous wife on our behalf, taking the curse of the Torah of the jealous husband, and giving us the blessing of bearing fruit... it seems that Elohim is a figurative family and that a husband, wife and children represent him... yes? or no?  perhaps Jooste the Jew was not meaning to portray a pagan concept of G-d being a mother- but that a mother does represent Elohim in character.     I have really now understood blasphemy of the Holy Spirit after reading some of the comments... when I get time to read some of these discussions i really appreciate this Nazarene space so much.

Sister Melanie, I believe as it says in Gen 1:27, "So God created humankind in HIS own image; in the image of God HE created them: male and female HE created them." (CJB). Notice the gender used here in character, more a Father. Yeshua said, "Do not call anyone Father, for you have only one and HE is in heaven." He supports us, He corrects us, He made us and through His One and Only Son delivered us. May Elohim's Shalom and understanding be with ALL God's people...ALL have a Blessed Channukah as we celebrate the "Light of the world" who sent us the Ruach which makes us all ONE with Elohim WITHOUT division...

I made a post some time ago on this thread, but put it simply, it is denying truth that the Holy Spirit gave you, that does take into consideration that you received and understood it. We can see in many cases in the our history that the people were blinded by their leaders, but at the same time, man cannot saved in ignorance. For we are told, my sheep know my voice and I know them, and  have chosen then out of the world; so where does that leave those who hear not their Shepard's Voice, I guess they are not his sheep, if you understand the parable and real life of a Shepard. I have had friends tell me about examples, of Shepard's, at communal watering holes. When a Shepherd is ready to leave,    he calls his sheep,  and they separate from the rest and follow him. I always love how parables are so real and true, if you know the details.  As was said, he is the Light of the World and of our souls and feeds and keeps up warm,  just as  the Sun does  for our earth and our bodies.

What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?

--it is a difficult question.

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