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What is the Mark of the Beast?  What do you think?

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Even if someone is a legitimate prophet, their words must be established by evidence. 

1 Corinthians 14:32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

Proverbs 18:17 The first one to plead his case seems right, Until another comes and cross-examines him. (AMP)
Deuteronomy 19:15 One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of threewitnesses, shall the matter be established.
We see from the above passages and there are more that in order for a statement to have any weight, there must be two or three witnesses that are thoroughly cross examined. Likewise, in order to put to death and idea, there must also be two or three witnesses. 
Most of the statements made in this thread or anywhere else do not meet the requirements of sound Biblical doctrine. Rather than saying "such and such is true because I said it" or "it says in the Bible, Josephus or koran somewhere", try saying "I believe that x is true because it says in Book X in chapter Y  verse Z such and such. Otherwise it is just hearsay and not admissible as evidence. Consider how short this thread would be if everyone followed that kind of criteria.
Very few statements made here state "I believe this is true and here are two or three witnesses that establish it." I challenge everyone to begin to back every dogmatic statement with two or three witnesses from scripture. If you cannot find two or three that support your belief, you may want to go back to the drawing board before posting more claims. I would also challenge you to go back and read through this thread asking yourself this question when you read a particular claim: "Are there two or three witnesses to support this claim?"
These statements are not meant to be personal against anyone who has posted. It is just not profitable for edification, instruction, etc for anyone bothering to read through this thread if your prophetic claims are not sound based upon scriptural rules.
In the future, I challenge you to try this:
As it is written,  ...... 
I like Kate Murray and also many or all who have commented here wheater the differences in their point of view, but I like how they know very well the scriptures, and also many researches etc. surely some are very wise here, since wisdom is fear and knowledge.

I have written down on a book some of the citations of the suras from Koran the Lord revealed to me because before that I never even thought of reading the Koran, but I'm away from home now so I cannot give it to you, and of course who doesn't know Daniel? But if I were to recite book X chapter x file X quote X etc, wouldn't it be a research instead of real Prophecy?

Now I am in complete agree with Kate, every statement must have witnesses and as he said I encourage everyone just like you already are, to keep informing your self and state anything with proof.

As I have said before, don't just believe what any weirdo says, I was talking about me, and said study it see it yourself if I have said anything wrong. In my case what witnesses can I bring you? May be other prophets will arise? Hopefully, but Shall I bring the angel of YHWH or He Himself to prove? Prophets have always been denied, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zacariah were witnesses of Y'shua because the prophecy was fulfilled , but back in the time wasn't Isaiah speaking none sense stuff to many without proof? And Jeremiah? And so on.

Prophecy becomes witness when it fulfills.

Again I like how all who comment not just this discussion but other blogs as well are people who know and seek truth who is Him, I have given true facts coming up from today to 24 years, and I don't want to end discussion with this, since this is about the mark of the beast and no one has said anything clear about that, so keep blogging! But if you would just save that prophecy in your heart, or write down, save it, and wait and see when Europe divides, and 10 nations are left, or when Muslim will depart out of Yisra'el, that is how you prove a prophet, by his prophecies being accomplished, And when this things come to happen then I will be witness, then some will say, Daniel wrote about this, John, Y'shua, may be me etc.

I don't know what the mark of the beast is, I do know just a little from what's coming up, and nations or religions who relate to an antichrist, which I thought it would be helpful for you guys who seem to know a lot, but I emphasize on encouraging everyone to seek the commandments first, later this stuff, I really didn't like the other two fighting on such a helpful discussion brought by Nazarenspace.

May Adonai bless you Kate

OK this is an important topic, especially for the times in which we are now living. If one were to try to give an intelligent answer in a forum post or even a short series of posts the reply would be too long. A deep study requires background from the Scriptures. Since Revelation quotes from nearly every other book of the Bible, every book would need to be considered. Since Daniel is the main Old Testament counterpart to Revelation it would need special attention. History from ancient to modern times both biblical and extra-biblical of course would be another major component. Archaeology, etymology, hermeneutic principles, and some level of comparative theology would be needed because of the diversity of our forum members and you know we cannot all be right. Therefore one would need to convincingly present truth so clearly that the Apologetic message would be as winsome as it must be wise. It simply can't be done effectively in this medium. Yet the topic is too crucial to simply ignore it. So, what is the best compromise?


In my opinion the answer lies in some of the most historic thinkers of the Christian era from John through the Reformation and beyond to the three Great Awakening Evangelism Movements that followed and beyond those too. The one speaker I know who has not only compiled all of this information, but has done a pretty good job at boiling it down to the necessary essentials somewhere above the milk of the Word but not fully into the strongest meat, which would require more time and study beyond a seminary education, is Tim Roosenberg.


I have taken his seminars and discussed some of his positions.  Most of what he presents is very solid stuff, and when he makes comparisons and draws conclusions he cannot yet back up, he freely admits they are only his best current theories. However, many of his once theories have already become reality in recent headline news. Most of what he covers is solid information and not just theories.


He runs his own organization called Islam and Christianity at a website by that name in all lower case letters with no spaces. It is a dot org. He looks at who the beast has been and will continue to be, who the kings of the North and of the South are and how they are at war currently with backing from the image of the beast.  Yes, it is already happening!  He covers the Anti-Christ and the mark of the beast and the forms it takes in ways that make biblical and historical sense in modern times. He has it all in a series of video presentations that focus on Daniel and Revelation in their proper biblical and historic contexts. There is a basic and an advanced series. The basics are free online now at his site. Check him out.


Warning, if you have bought into the Anti-Christ cover-up stories devised deliberately as very polar opposite ploys by two Jesuit priests Alcazar and Ribera commissioned to cook them up way back in the Counter-Reformation, these are lies that many Christians still cling to today as retold by Darby, Scofield, Lindsay, LaHaye and others, then be prepared to see a more consistent picture of God and His dealings with mankind throughout history than ever before. Be ready to discover the danger behind the second chance approach to the rapture and how the three and a half years you assume you may have left if you miss the first round are not future but were for the Jewish Nation not in the tribulation but back in the time of the early church and they ended at the official Sanhedrin decision to reject the Gospel and kill the messenger, Stephen.


What you will hear is how Islam, Europe, the Roman Catholic Church, the United States, and their leaders, politics, technologies, and more have been key players in the past, present, and near future as foretold in the Bible and confirmed in history.  Go to the World Wide Web and check out isalmandchristianity the dot org place to learn the real scoop on the Mark of the Beast and all of its ramifications. It is free and so will you be.

RECENT FIND: Numerology usage  strong in the book from Mecca, and certain #'s get attention

Ken Morrison:

He believes the king of the north is the RC Church.

all that began long before people went to and forth and knowledge was increased in the jet and computer age.
I thought Iran and shiite was king of the north and Egypt and sunni king of the south in a divided Islam that were pitted against each other to 
death for the caliphate because of Mohammad's prophecy that only one sect would survive and take the caliphate and be the malady.

I believe the only reason Iran doesn't go after Israel now is it does not want to be weakened by a nuke to Iran and let sunnis and Egypt take over the race for the caliphate.  As i see it Iran will wait till it has subdued most of the king of the south's power and then when it is puffed up make it's move on the holy land.  At this point t Israel is an afterthought.  Islam is divided.

shalom ajim , la (ot )The mark of the beast is Sunday, the Roman beast is pushing his Roman day, day of the sun, on this day is not bought or sold. lehitraot

ajim Shalom, la (OT) La marca de la bestia es el domingo, la bestia romana está empujando su época romana, día del sol, en el día de hoy no se compra ni se vende. lehitraot


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