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What is the Mark of the Beast?  What do you think?

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Please look again at what I print. The common greeting in these areas is SHALOM &SALAM. A greeting, and also to say farewell. It can become very casual, and lose the word's original intention as we know it. So you can hear"Shalom, Salam!", and then see people do what is ill-intended.
That is hy I used the Asian custom of bowing is seen in greeting and seen too at contests of skill. The point being that it is not what you say it is what you do.

The beast is a secular concept.   The beasts of Daniel's prophesy are empires for example the Roman empire.   From memory you get the iron of the image being near the bottom of the idol. Rome's "beastly" feature is seen in the method of administering the death penalty, crucifixion.   True the church of Rome has displayed features that may be described as beastly, that is having no conscience of evil in burning people at the stake.   This is wickedness seen in the power of heretical religion. For example in establishing a priesthood without any authority from God so that the authority must therefore be of Satan.   Aldred 

See 2 Peter 2:5 say's "you yourselves, the living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be cohanim (priests) set apart for God to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to Him through Yeshua the Messiah." Sorry James, Scripture shows you are sadly mistaken! Blessings and Shalom!

Replying to William Anthony Dlubak's comment about the Antichrist. Can you please show me where the Antichrist is mentioned in Revelation??? The Bible I read has absolutely NOTHING about an 'Antichrist' ANYWHERE in Revelation. Do I have a bad version???

In my opinion, the control seen in much of the prophetic shows multiple levels of overriding sovereignty by the Beast, and Rome in the multiple forms it took, and the Babylonian did so too. See that a blatant misuse of the Torah portion just read could be how the effect is made.
Then, see that Yeshua attacked the method of the money changers, and the interconnection of these abuser looks like the historic account of that time brought forward.
I was speaking about your comment about the priesthood. Those who are learned of Scripture and are accepted by Adonai, filled with the Ruach HaKodesh (the Truth), are priests with authority from God. NOT the church of Romes truth with its anti-Semetic origins! I said nothing about Revelation! I responded to your Last sentence. Mainstream Christianity is based off of the mother church, Rome, which is sad! They didn't do away with paganism, they adopted it! Mixing paganism with truth. I concur totally with you about Rome. I thought you were saying NO ONE has authority! If I was mistaken, forgive me...Blessings...
While "Anti-Christ" is not spoken, Rev. 13 clearly shows effectively a set of circumstances of where the images seen are incorporating direct opposition to God, and therefore against Messiah ,also known as, "Christ", in common English of our time. This being a transliteration of Gr.

Pro-Christ activity is not seen by these. Not as the angels of Heaven , who speak,"HolyHolyHoly."

Doug Ri said:

The disciples of John thought the antichrist would be from the Jews.  I think they connected it with the little horn which ripped up the 3 other horns which they believed would be Egypt, Assyria and Libya.  I think they believed the antichrist would be from the Jews cause he would be claiming to be the Christ, therefore would have to be from the Jews.
Those disciples were trained by John and were martyrs.  I doubt they would teach anything even speculating contrary to what John taught them.

Of course they would that the Messiah would be Jewish, for the Moshiach is the son of David,meaning of, "David's seed" , so the lineage of heredity.
But a pretender could be as those who opposed Moses. Review of Torah shows several instances. Some from Abraham's seed. But, Don't forget though Pharoah Baalak and Baalam. The prototypes even later in several portions of Tanak.
Against God's Anointed. Saul, Absalom, are just two. So let us know that even as the people who cried , "Hosanna!", As Yeshua entered Jerusalem ,we too can err in our understanding. Let us trust Got and wait it out, knowing He is in control.

As Scripture states, Elohims thoughts are so far above ours. A.J. is correct. We must trust in God's plan, live a pious life, finish the race and keep the faith. We are ALL very acceptable to error. We must love God with all our mind, body and strength, and love each other as we love ourselves. Whatever God's Will is, ours also must be. We must be of ONE mind, body and spirit and put our TOTAL trust in His Plan. We know what to look for and beware of through Yeshua's warnings. May God's Shalom be with you ALL...

I would like to know what James Trimm's thoughts on what the Mark of the Beast is seeing as he started and created the subject. SO THIS MESSAGE IS TO JAMES TRIMM WHAT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........

666 is the mark of the beast!

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