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What should our next Study Edition be? Feedback Requested

Wanted Feedback from you. The Book of Enoch Study Edition is now available: Should our next "Study Edition" be: A) The Book of Jasher; B) The Apocrypha C) The Gospel According to the Hebrews.

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Hi James, I'm interested in A)
Thanks for all your hard work.

A or C looks interesting...

For the foreseeable future, my interest will abide in anything that captures a snapshot of the authentic New Covenant Assembly, with an emphasis on discerning where The Name belongs in our liturgy. If you check my purchase patterns, that might be evident. When I purchased Maccabees in Hebrew, my intention was to correlate Instances of The Holy Name with Greek constructs in the Greek version. Specifically, whether the greek version had a definite article where the Holy Name is rendered with a title. My only interest in that is to push that pattern forward into Greek NT manuscripts, to fine-tune where The Name goes. I have reason to believe you are aware of my efforts along these lines. The idea of inferring the name in greek texts, by the absence of definite article, was independently published by the beloved Herb Jahn (Exegesis Bible) and The First Edition of the New Testament, by by David Trobisch.

Choice C fits my interests nicely.

Most definitely B

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