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When will we know the time is near and are there plans for it all? Or is it better to just pray for Yahweh reveal to me by whatever means, keeping myself aware And not complacent? I just fear with my luck I'll miss the time like I've done since childhood, I've always had something hold me back and I miss my window of opportunity. I fear this, and have nightmares about missing the one and only chance to be a part of it. Please if somebody could give me some truth,scripture,knowledge,wisdom! 


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I presume you are alluding to the "last days" by using the phrase "the time"? Also, what "opportunity" might you think you or anyone would miss (...assuming you are Torah observant currently.)? 


well in Rabbi Robt O. Millers book, "Spiritual Warfare-Equipping Gideon's Endtime Army" there is much talk of a place in Petra I believe where those in this time will have a community and refuge as well as a some what  structured society kinda way where all will be for some time as the world is literally raining down hell everywhere else. Then an Eliyahu HaNavi character of some kinda nature not detailed will guide and lead those in the community protected until HaSatan sends a flood but Petra is a place of floods it recently about 3 1/2 weeks ago had a flood that was strong enough tourist had to jump in the ancient aquaducts and and a donkey was washed away. I was just there on vacation and we were told it had been exactly 22 years since the last unpredictable flash flood of that nature. Back to my question now this place people will exodus too from all over the world possibly i believe considered to be the so callled 144,000 witnesses or such. these people will have all protection until there prophesied time to be martyred by a beast which is cloudy in details to me momentarily but i guess what should my great great great grandfamily of whatever sort look for as prophecy fulfils itself as the scriptures say? I dont worry myself because there is still a muslim mosque on the supposed exact spot of the original Hebrew Temple. I personaly dont in my opinion see it coming down in my age unless i live to about 101 and im 35. If that is the mosque is on the true original spot of the first temple which has been said its not but on the old Roman ghetto or living quarters but i have no references or anything to count that as a maybe,just hear say. so is there any reason to believe of any time soon some messianic prophecies begin to fulfill or signs if anything at all in the next 60 or so years give or take that may likely come to pass in your opinion because i just worry more about my ancestors than myself not suffering and being in a righteous enough place spiritually and just know who when and where is right or wrong in the choosing not the path but leader and how can i write down for my ancestors if it not be in my time of life what to believe when its time to get to that place if they are so blessed to be in a position capable of following whomever to the place of refuge in petra or however the scriptures say? I may not express this question well enough because i cant with my high school vocabulary atleast but im so worried that there will be one who warns and says come on and follow and my ancestors being the gentiles we are lest there is some hebrew roots unknown ignore or not even be aware or care of how seriously  an honor first of all it would be for the ears and eyes to even be in the right place and time for the heralds warning or forwarded warning however so if they here the warning and not take heed i guess there not the witness material but if there is a way i could write to my grandchildren and onward generations id like to give them the right words to cause a seriousness and devotion to Yahweh and Yeshua even they could continue because i know that for my ancestors to make it to petra would be a gentiles miracle on earth because they would have the honor to witness so many of G-ds greatest miracles and martyrdom  before you know how the rest goes id like to say to them the right things maybe to cause a working in my children to prepare thiers and so on so that if gives atleast  a more greater possibility for them to be of Yahwehs witnesses. im sure no average joe will be callled so how could i give my ancestors if its in a time from now after ours suitable and prepatory prayers or things of possible if possible worthiness. or is it to be random for whomever  is just right place and right time to be able to exodus to petra in those days? if my question did not clear up im sorry i ak trying to think about those of my own bloodline whom will be alive then so maybe if i can do something to prepare whomever is the last of my ancestors will make it and be greatly blessed and honored it would be to me as if i made there myself if i could help if it be His will them to His Glory and most greatest yet terrible spectacles of earth ever to experience. terrible times but if only my eyes could be there to see it all that would be remarkably extremely more than ever before in any lifetime the most one could see and live some more a bit and witness heavenly things. like a fourth of july of miracles and events imaginations cant concoct.













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