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Where is the Ark of the Covenant today? 

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 It has been said that:"The Ark of the Covenant"very well could be in a Hidden Chamber...somewhere near the Temple Mount area,that presently has many Restrictions and/or Rules placed upon it. Also,in relation to:"To the Ark of the Covenant" I too most certainly agree that,"The Ark of the Covenant"will not be uncovered until YHWH (GOD'S)Appointed time and I sense that The Ark of the Covenant will come around the time when more Major End Time Events begin to take place...Full Force.Also,there is the focus about a 3rd Temple being Constructed and the reality that all the items necessary to effectively re-instate Temple Worship again.When the Ark of the Covenant is Uncovered,it will definately have a major impact on things World-Wide for Sure!

 My personal view, like you give yours, is that it was hidden in one of the tunnels which lead for miles under the Temple Mount! I have my reasons and really do not want a debate on an issue that is speculative. Unless you have something other than speculation, let me know and I will do the same. It could be at Mt. Nebo, Jerusalem, Egypt, Ethiopia ect...Shalom and Blessings...

We will not probably know for sure until Yeshua returns! Blessings...

"Mysteries of the Bible", "Hunt for the Lost Ark" mentions a Talmud passage that states the Ark is under the Temple Mount which differs from what Maccabees tells us. Anyone know the Talmud passage location? 

I will check Mikha El...Will get back to you on this. Thank You and Elohim's Shalom be with you...Bill

Jeremiah was Commanded to hide it and that where it is today hidden in a cave.


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