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I know there are at least a couple members in this group now who don't live close enough to meet on a regular basis, but are there any who do? If you are here and interested in meeting, leave a note and maybe we can put something together.

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I live about an hour outside of Seattle, and am always up for fellowship.
A healthy fellowship in Seattle would be awesome

the last message in this group is already from 2010!  wow. where is everybody?

Any way I am living in the heart of Seattle and I don't mind at all to meet with those who want .that too. So make your mind up and let me known  who is ready to open her home. I am single, though married, but we don't live together. I have no answers yet what Y_H want me to do or not in matter. any way I can only meet with other females or couples to make that clear. We could also meet at my house though I have only a tiny studio as my home. But it works if more than 4 people  wanna come together we can use some of the public rooms in the house , for Torah study for ex.or what ever is on our mind like prayer , worship also in dance. Let me know.

Every Thursday we meet in my home for prayer for our kids and grandkids, 4 female diciples of Yeshua. You are welcome to join us.We meet 4:30 pm for 1-2 hours.

This is my e-mail, for taking contact and detailed information:

Thank you - Y_H bless you with


I live in Seattle now (Tukwila). If you need a place to meet, you can meet in my Synagogue in Tacoma (Lakewood). If you're interested please call 509-421-0340

Thank you for your invite, though Tacoma is too far from Seattle. I do not travel on shabbat.

I understand













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