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 Yochanan baptized "for the remission of sins" so why did Yeshua go to him to be baptized?

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He was baptized as an example for all men.
He was baptized as a public event to declare the commencement of his ministry complete with a supernatural validation. He was baptized so that Yochanan could declare him to all men to be the Lamb of God, who alone, notwithstanding the baptism rite, has the power to cleanse from ALL sin.

In Luke chapter 1 we find a couple that lived during the reign of Herod. Both Tzadikkim and of the linage of Aharon making their child, Yohannan, the High Priest of YHVH. Those in charge were Roman puppets and everyone knew it. Yeshua came to His cousin to be "washed" for His new office, the Great High Priest; Of the order of Melek Tzadik. (Shemos 40 Moshe washes Aharon into his priestly office)

In the Gospel according to the Hebrews,
which is written in the Chaldee and Syrian language,
but in Hebrew letters, and is used by the Nazarenes
to this day (I mean the Gospel according the Apostles,
or, as is generally maintained, the Gospel according to
Matthew, a copy of which is in the library at Caesarea,
We find:

Behold, the mother of our Lord
and His brothers said to him,
John the Baptist baptizes for the remission of sins;
let us go and be baptized by him.
But He said to them, what sin have
I committed that I should go and be baptized by him?
Unless perchance, the very words which I have said
Is [a sin of] ignorance.
(Jerome; Against Pelagius 3:2)

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