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3-D chess isn't a single game, it's a genre of over a hundred different games played on a variety of different grids. Here is a good hub link to get you started:

The chess variants 3-d page

This is where you will find the rules for all these games. Most of these variants have never been sold commercially, and those that have generally did not fare well. So, for those who would like to play these variants, your computer might provide the best medium. In the above link, many of the variants show a small logo of a red Z on a yellow background. This indicates the variant has been implemented with the software Zillions of Games. This software costs money, but once you buy it, you can download the modules for the different 3-d chess games for free. You will be able to play against the computer, or play anyone else on the Internet who also has Zillions. Zillions is NOT a game server. You have to find your opponent on some chat service or some other means, and then you can hook up with each other via Zillions to play a game.

I should add that there is now a free alternative to Zillions: Axiom discussion group

Axiom uses a different language to define game modules, and I don't know if any 3-d chess modules have been written for it yet, but new modules are being written all the time.

The oldest known 3-d chess game, and my personal favorite, is called Raumschach. It uses a 5x5x5 grid.

The representative photo for this 3-d chess Nazarene discussion group shows Star Trek chess, also known as Tridimensional chess. It is included in the hub link listed above. This variant was created primarily to look futuristic for television. The rules were tacked on afterward.

If you are interested in purchasing or making one of these games, of course you might search on eBay, or perhaps this discussion group might become useful for that.

There is another 3-d chess discussion group on Yahoo.

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