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     The debate continues even in Messianic/Nazerene circles regarding the chronology of Messiah's last week.

    Presented below is the text of Matt. 27:62 from Wycliffe's Bible, which sheds some much needed light on this subject.  My beliefs are that Wycliffe wrote from manuscripts that are no longer available to use today, possibly due to destruction by the RCC scribes since their teaching regarding Yahshua's last week, is debunked by this one text.  (We know that the RCC admits to altering the texts of Matt. 28:19 - 23.) 


The Wycliffe Bible (WYC) Matthew 27:62 reads:

 "And on the tother day, that is ***after pask even [that is after pask evening]***, the princes of priests and [the] Pharisees came together to Pilate,"


     To date, I have not been able to locate any other translation of Matt. 27:62.  which retains the phrase "after the Passover"  which concurrs with Wycliffe's.

    If Wycliffe being one of the oldest translations, has the original reading of this text, which we should adopt today, we can extrapolate  the following:


1)  The chronology of Yahshua's meal and impalement, according to the Gospel of John is vindicated. Yahsua did not partake of the Passover the evidence of which is in John 13..  He died on Nisan/Abib 14, the preparation for the Passover, John 19:14, not on Nisan 15, as taught by the RCC, and her daughters, as indicated in the way they have translated this event in the Synoptics.  Even the Jewish Talmud concurrs, that He died "on the eve of Passover".


2) The Jewish officials went to Pilate, after the *Passover evening*, therefore they went on Nisan/Abib 15.


3) The date of this meeting with Pilate was not on the Sabbath, as it would be highly unlikely that these Jewish officials would conduct this type of business with a Gentile on the Sabbath.


     My conclusions continue to be that Messiah did not partake of Passover with His talmidim at the "Last Supper". This is the position taken by the Quartodecimans of the first few centuries c.e. That meal was partaken of on Nisan/Abib 14, after the sun set on Tuesday, Nisan 13.   He died on the afternoon of Wednesday,  Nisan/Abib 14, at the time the offical Passover lambs were slain.  The Jewish officials came to Pilate "after Passover evening", that is the morning after the Passover was eaten, which would have been on a Thursday, Nisan/Abib 15.    (Using John 12:1, counting "6 days before the Passover", helps us arrive at the correct day of the week for Passover.) There was a work day between the day of his death and the seventh day Sabbath. He rose at the "end of the Sabbath" according to Matt. 28:1.  


    This article was submitted to you here on the Scripture Research for your scholarly analysis and comments.

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Documentation from the early centuries, showing that they believed that Yahshua didn't partake of the Passover, the night in which he was betrayed:




Another bishop, Peter of Alexandria who lived around A.D. 260-311 confirms this truth. Christ, during his public ministry did indeed celebrate and eat the typical Passover prescribed in the law, but prior to his crucifixion he did not eat the legal Passover -- instead HE was sacrificed as the real Passover lamb ON THE PASSOVER DAY. In the afternoon of that same day that He was killed, at that same time the lambs were being slaughtered. That was the afternoon of the preparation of the high day Sabbath:


"Himself also, with the people, in the years before his public ministry and during his public ministry, did celebrate the legal and shadowy Passover, eating the typical lamb for, 'I came not to destroy the law, or the prophets, but to fulfill them.' The savior himself said in the gospel. . . HE DID NOT EAT OF THE LEGAL PASSOVER; but as I have said, he himself, as the true lamb, was sacrificed for us IN THE FEAST OF THE TYPICAL PASSOVER, ON THE DAY OF PREPARATION, THE FOURTEENTH OF THE FIRST LUNAR MONTH" (writings of Peter Bishop of Alexandria, Ante-Nicene Fathers, v.ol 6, pages 282).














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