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The House of Yahweh part 2, current events and teachings, official investigation of 15+ unsolved murders, child abuse, and former members speak out.

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What in the world would ever give an x-lawman the idea that his "leadership" could be the ones to carry out "murder" in following torah?
All religious believing people, who believe that this is the last days, should be looking for the 2 witnesses and the False Prophet to show themselves. The False Prophet is going to be a man set up by the world leaders, in order to look like the real witness, to bring forth the anti-messiah. He will give dates of "prophecy" that do not come to pass, and will be teaching many things which are true in order to try and deceive the very elect, if it were possible. Eventually, his prophecy will come to pass, so that those who are not the elect, will continue to be deceived. He will be protected by the State/govt/beastly system/devil, and will continue to be, to facilitate their efforts to bring forth the anti-messiah .

There are people as far as Africa that his false prophecies have affected, thus far, which you can find online, but I will try and post some information about it here asap.













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