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I've always enjoyed Lew's writings. Frightning yet reassuring...

"Reading Harry Potter books won't help anyone with what's coming."

I don't think anyone is practicing HP as a religion.  It's like condemning people for watching Lost or Star Wars and enjoying them as fiction.  In fact, for a Torahless cultural icon, HP has a pretty good underlying message (making right personal choices, love, loyalty), even if you have to sift through some of it.  Is there fiction you don't have to sift through?  HP gets picked on more than the Wizard of Oz, or Lord of the Rings, both of which have good witches and wizards.  I wonder why.


"The majority of Christians have been listening to misguided teachings, making them unprepared to stand in the day of wrath.  In fact, they will be the “survivors” whom Yahuah will call, assisted by the Natsarim who will be on Earth during the distress.  The Natsarim are the elect (chosen ones) for whom the duration of the distress will be lessened.  Our purpose during the distress will be to help people be restored to the Covenant.  They must be helped to overcome many false teachings learned from misguided preachers. "

- Awesome!  I hope it turns out this way.  I look forward to this.













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