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Viking Found Organics on Mars, Experiment Confirms

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Interesting. I would expect that organics would be found there- the cosmos is full of them. There is also a phenomenon of hundreds or thousands (I dont remember which) of tons of earth life forms that escape earth's gravity daily- some 2% it is calculated end up on Mars. Some forms can survive the rigors of space travel. Keep looking- I would predict that would also be found eventually. And, with the discovery of certain molds growing in tact in some recovered Lunar equipment, some of the se forms found on Mars may still be viable. The issue at that time will be interpreting the results in favor of Neo Darwinian evolution and ignoring some of the facts- such as where the life forms came from.

The article cited, however, did a good job, I think, in clarifying that it wasnt life that was found, but organics. That is an important clarification.

Shalom, kenny cartwright

Even if they found life other places, it probably came from earth.  The fountains of the deep broke open during the flood and shot things out of earth's orbit.













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