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The truth about Lew White is.... that he is a righteous man, a servant of YHWH who has been a good and faithful servant.

Recently certain persons have actively spread slander and lashon hara about Lew on the internet through mass mails and a website.

I am personally standing up for Lew. He is a good man and these persons are guilty of slander and lashon hara. I have often been the victim of slanderers myself, and I without hesitation stand with Lew White.

The slanderers seem to pretend that Lew's non-controlling interest in a record store is a deep dark secret. This is simply not true, I myself have been aware of Lew's non-controlling interest in The Electric Lady for two years now, so it is hardly a secret.

Here is the truth about Lew White and his non-controlling interest in The Electric Lady Record Store:

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I have read some of Lew's writings, and I will say I do not agree with all he says, I have found some error. That being said, I have no knowledge of him being evil and have no reason or position to judge him. I also cannot say that I am not without error, I am growing myself, and am sure in the final outcome that MESSIAH will pull me aside and correct me as well as any of the rest of us. I do not have time to read the post here, nor do I feel the need for Lew to defend himself to me- though I disagree with him on some points I do not know of any evil he has done and do not pay attention to (or remember even noticing- if I did I ignored it) any slander against him. May we all grow and be willing to be corrected where we are wrong and be patient with each other- keeping in mind that where we disagree, it my be that I am wrong and the other is right. Grace and Shabbat Shalom to all- including Lew White =o)
I support most messianic leaders unless they outright teach outlandish crazy stuff to lead peopel astray. If I ever speak out against anything- its the teaching itself. The people who really erk me are messy's and I publicly stand against messy stuff that makes the messianic movement a joke or share antisemetic thoughts. Outside of that I keep my mouth shut and shake my head.
I like Lew and his material. I had not heard of anything against him but will stand with him.
Shalom Rabbi Trimm, Since you have supported Achi Lew and ISR publishes the HRV, I don't think I would be going too far out on a limb to suppose that you are the next target for that website:

Coming Soon... Another well known individual that
has brought shame on the Name of יהוה

Badge of honor, if I will be in the company of Lew White and the ISR :-)

Wayne Ingalls said:
Shalom Rabbi Trimm, Since you have supported Achi Lew and ISR publishes the HRV, I don't think I would be going too far out on a limb to suppose that you are the next target for that website:

Coming Soon... Another well known individual that
has brought shame on the Name of יהוה

Lew and I have served Yahuah for 20 plus years. We will do what is asked of us. Lew says, "even if He slay me, I will still serve." I appreciate the support. We ask Yahuah to open the eyes of those who have wronged Lew, Brother James as well as many innocent people speaking His Truth. As Brother James mentioned in another post. Time is short. satan is searching for whom he can destroy. Remember, Yahusha said fear not the one who can only kill the body, but rather fear He who can kill the body as well as destroy the soul.
This is Lew; we should all pray for those involved in any serious transgression, especially "lashon hara", because to slander one another even mildly is a grievous matter. It is akin to murder, since "character assassination" is involved. The support from all of you is so kind, and those who have experienced this kind of hateful attack know how much it hurts.
We share in Yahusha's persecutions when we follow Him closely. When He leads us through the valley of the shadow of death, He is near to us; Psalm 27 is a very comforting one to read when we are under spiritual or any other form of attack.
The arrows fly by day, and the emails by night -- but it doesn't come near our tent when we wear the armor of Yahuah.
I under stand What Carmen is saying. Maybe a little more explanation will put some light on it if I paste below what Lew has said to the latest inquiry about this.

RE: More details concerning the reason I work among hippies:

Dear brother, and others who need more insight,

I certainly get all the points you make, but I’m not so clear on how “objects” which are legally sold (music, cheap rings, hoola-hoops, or yes even “smoking” pipes) are intrinsically “sin”. If I sold wine, I would be within the Torah’s boundaries; however, I could not police every customer’s use of that to make sure they didn’t misuse the item. Swords and knives can be misused, but they are not “evil” in themselves. The cutlery department of Bed Bath & Beyond is not something to avoid for us or anyone else. Drivers of vehicles commit misdemeanors all the time running stop signs and exceeding the speed limits, but a car salesman or the owner of the dealership isn’t responsible for their customers’ behavior.

Through the owning of stock on the stock market, or paying taxes to the government, many unsavory activities are being participated in (military weapons, abortion, medical research, etc.,.), so owning half of Electric Ladyland (and actively trying to sell that ownership) might be less “evil”, if evil is even going on there (I don’t see it, other than Bob operating on Sabbaths).

As you said, it would be quite a witness to the bankers if I simply turned-over the 50 percent I have to the other partner, but then I am personally signed to all the loans, and their willingness to allow the loans was based upon the income which the store generated, of which I receive half after all expenses and taxes. That is the chain holding me. If my income stops, then my ability to repay the bank personally is radically effected, as well as the Torah Institute. All loan payments would cease immediately, and both Electric Ladyland and Torah Institute would halt operations, and Yahusha’s work in those places would come to a very abrupt ending. The Dragon would throw a party, but then at least I would not be criticized by other believers any more. That is not going to happen on my watch. After all, Yahusha knows where I am every second, and He has put me in the perfect place that a hunter might be positioned.

Most of the people I am around on an average day are not believers, and just yesterday I saw a glimmer of light in a woman that became interested in the Truth. If Yahusha had not put me in her path, He could have used someone else; but He did use me. If one person turns, a whole family may change; from there many hundreds can be affected. And ultimately, I would seek out even ONE and spend a lifetime to do so. That is Yahusha’s heart too, because He has shown all this, and His heart, to me. That’s what keeps me going.

Rom 8:34-39: “Who is he who is condemning? It is Messiah who died, and furthermore is also raised up, who is also at the right hand of Elohim, who also makes intercession for us.
Who shall separate us from the love of the Messiah? Shall pressure, or distress, or persecution, or scarcity of food, or nakedness, or danger, or sword?
As it has been written, ‘For Your sake we are killed all day long, we are reckoned as sheep of slaughter.’
But in all this we are more than over-comers through Him who loved us.
For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor messengers nor principalities nor powers, neither the present nor the future, nor height nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of Elohim which is in Messiah Yahusha our Master.”

Love is the goal,
What are you talking about. Lew doesn't have the ability to permit or not permit anything on this site.
I wrote that.
My name is Phyllis. I just pasted in what Lew sent to me.
For many years now Nazarene Space has maintained a rule against posting Lashon HaRa. The Torah has had a commandment against it for even longer.

Lew does not moderate NazareneSpace and had no input in my enforcing of longstanding rules which are posted in our rules section. You owe Lew an apology.

James Trimm

Carmen Welker said:
So only what YOU believe is permitted to be posted. Okay, I got your number, too, Lew.

Carmen Welker said:
Sorry, I meant to say, JAMES! What I wrote was not "lashon hara" - but he chose to delete my comment. So be it. I get it; this thread was meant for backslapping and supporting. People who wish to present what the scriptures say in context are not welcome.

Perhaps you do not know what Lashon HaRa is. If you say something which could harm another person that is lashon hara.
so yes the fact that you can build a person up here does not invite equal time to others to tear them down.
Wonder how many of the complainers have 401K with stocks making them partial owners of hotel chains, cable and satellite companies, and other "mainline" companies which distribute pornography.













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