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The truth about Lew White is.... that he is a righteous man, a servant of YHWH who has been a good and faithful servant.

Recently certain persons have actively spread slander and lashon hara about Lew on the internet through mass mails and a website.

I am personally standing up for Lew. He is a good man and these persons are guilty of slander and lashon hara. I have often been the victim of slanderers myself, and I without hesitation stand with Lew White.

The slanderers seem to pretend that Lew's non-controlling interest in a record store is a deep dark secret. This is simply not true, I myself have been aware of Lew's non-controlling interest in The Electric Lady for two years now, so it is hardly a secret.

Here is the truth about Lew White and his non-controlling interest in The Electric Lady Record Store:

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And if they do have such a 401K, they have no control and we will not judge them. Thank you for that insight.
I have known Lew White for many years and have had verbal and written communication with him during that time. I have never known him to be any other than a man seeking the "Truth". I think that most of us have made mistakes in our beliefs over the years and as it was pointed out to us or we discovered the error in our thinking we have gone on to live our lives in accordance with our new revealed knowledge. I sit as no judge to Lew or any other Torah observant teacher and their sincere beliefs as long as they are in agreement with Torah! Lew has done much for the Assembly over the years and has always put his money where his mouth was. We all owe him gratitude for his tireless work in spite of the health attacks he has endured. May YAH continue to bless Lew's health and work and bring us all into the Truth of His Torah!













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