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Greetings All;


I was just posting a comment on Andrews Post on the Red Heifer over at the Book of Enoch Group

Then I realized it would probably be of interest over here too, so I will repost that here now too..But..


I was also interested to know if anyone has heard any updates about the supposed fraud concerning

Ron Wyatts discovery of the Ark of the Covenant that was found right below Christs Crucifixion site..

I was so excited to finally find out about that discovery that happened so long ago, but then I keep

hearing that it was all some big fraud or something..i dont want to believe that it was really a fraud..


Does Anybody have any updated info on that subject...If it was a fraud, then what is the latest idea?


Anyway, here now is the short little post on some info on the Ashes of the Red Heifer

I thought you might be interested in this little tidbit of info on the ashes of the Red Heifer.
I believe that it was early May of 1992 (right after the Rodney King thing & the L.A. Riots
when 2 friends of mine went on a self payed archeological dig with the real Indiana Jones
who is actually Wendyl Jones (from Indiana I believe)...I do believe they were specifically
looking for those ashes, and I think they thought they were at the right the cave entrance

But shortly after they started digging out this cave there appeared, a short distance away
(I believe they said) a Bluish? Dome of light over this new location, where they immediately
started digging...It didnt take long before they found an entrance to another cave that was
filled with a particular type of incense that was (I guess) another validation to them that they
had actually found the right spot where the ashes were buried according to the info they had.

But of course it didnt take long before the Israelie & arab armies were securing the area, &
the Wendyl Jones Expedition was kicked out of the whole area...But I would guess that the
Ashes of the Red Heifer have been found & I guess a Red Heifer has been born too, I heard..

Shalom Friends



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Shalom Andrew,
Thank you for your informative but disapointing news about the Ark of the Covenant..I havent found the references you refer to yet that say it wont be found until the 2nd Coming...Ron Wyatt & his Sons seemed so authentic, and their claims so real...But they did seem to show extreme dissapointment over the fact that it wasnt to be revealed to the world yet..
I would very much be interested to see EXACTLY What these prophecies of Jeremiah & 2nd Maccabees say about this.

Because it is true that they said that upon returning to the site Ron was appproached by the Department of Archeology(?),
who very sheepishly asked him if he would be willing to go in and retrieve the bodies of the 4 Levite Priests who went in to try to retrieve the Ark..This would definately seem to indicate that YHWH Himself was protecting it from exposure to the world...but I need to see EXACTLY What the the Scriptures say on this before I will call Ron Wyatt a liar & a fraud.

Do you or anyone else happen to know where those prophecies are found at?

Thanks for your help..And hey, I got your invite for your new group Anaiah,
In fact, I'm on my way there now to join your Parables of Yahshua group...

Anaiah Priel (Andrew P) Carlson said:
2 Maccabees states where the Ark of the Covenant was hidden and Jeremiah prophesied that the Ark of the Covenant would not be found, and that people would look for it from then until the second coming, but it will not be found until Yahushua returns once again. Any effort to find the Ark is impossible so long as Yahushua has not returned. it is in chapter 2 i believe that says Jeremiah prophesied this. We also know from the book of Scripture, Lives of the Prophets, that Jeremiah prophesied about the Ark not being found until the return.
Revelation of John implies the Ark of the Covenant has been "absorbed" or taken up into Shamayim.

Rev 11:19
Then God's temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a great hailstorm.
I think the reference is to the original heavenly ark which served as the pattern after which the earthly ark was made.

In 2 Maccabees we learn that Jeremiah hid the ark up in Mt. Moab where it will reveal its position on the day of judgment.













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