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Is anyone here familiar with the Blood Red Moon belief?

It is based on Genesis (B'resheet)
God said, "Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to divide the day from the night; let them be for signs, seasons, days and years;

Especially for signs....

The concept is that blood red moons (eclipses of the moon which are blood red) are signs to the nation Israel...

And, eclipses of the sun are signs to the Gentile nations...




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To a point
Tsiyon Messianic radio program has a series on signs of the moon, sun, and stars. The blood moon and much more is discusses. Hear program #225 (moon) #226 (sun) @227 (stars) at
A series of four blood moons occurring in the spring feast, the fall feast, and again during the spring and fall feasts of the next year occur in the very near future.
In 2008 there was a starburst visible on earth from the farthest distance ever seen in the spring - and then again in the fall at an even farther distance. The stars declare the King is coming and judgment is coming to the earth
Have blood red moons ever appeared?
I believe this will happen, but not before or separate from the 6th Seal signs and wonders - It is a sign, totally unprecedented, not something that can occur naturally.

Regarding stars and other heavenly bodies....

Amos 5 (Young's Literal Translation)
7 Ye who are turning to wormwood judgment, And righteousness to the earth have put down,
8 The maker of Kimah and Kesil, And the turner to morning of death-shade, And day as night He hath made dark, Who is calling to the waters of the sea, And poureth them on the face of the earth, Jehovah is His name;
9 Who is brightening up the spoiled against the strong, And the spoiled against a fortress cometh.

Yob 9:
8 Stretching out the heavens by Himself, And treading on the heights of the sea,
9 Making Osh, Kesil, and Kimah, And the inner chambers of the south.

Yob 38:
31 Dost thou bind sweet influences of Kimah? Or the attractions of Kesil dost thou open?
32 Dost thou bring out Mazzaroth in its season? And Aysh for her sons dost thou comfort? Kymah - corresponding to the Pleiades Kesyl - corresponding to Orion Aysh (also Osh, Oysh) - probably means "Fire", corresponding to Arcturus Mazzarot - unknown, plural of Mazzarah ? Mazzalot - unknown, plural of Mazzalah ?

According to the Path of the Messiah or Mazzaroth, when will the path of the stars finally come to an end or completion?

Hi there,

Sorry for not replying earlier, i.e., 8 years ago :-)

From what I've read, checking NASA sites (though they are liars in general) the blood moons are not simply nonsense, but signs according to scripture. Here's a pamphlet I put together which show that these total lunar eclipses are indeed linked to Israel. 


Hope that helps (if anyone's reading it at all :-)















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